Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Incredible Woman #12 - Betty Pearson. Wednesday's question...

KARA: "What kinds of trials have you been through? How have you dealt with those trials?"
BETTY: "Trials. UGH. Sure wish we didn't have any. My husband has had several surgeries, and while I was pregnant with babies, that was a difficult thing to deal with. But you really can't avoid some things that come along, so we just put one foot in front of the other, and live day to day when life gets tough.

My husband has been out of work for about 16 months, and the ups and downs of finding work is really tough. We just have faith and hope that things will work out and he'll get a job soon.

I suppose health issues have been a big part of my adult life, for both my husband and I. I have feet that hurt, and if I stand too long, it becomes very painful. That is probably why I don't enjoy cooking...

Diagnosed with Gestational diabetes, and now full-blown insulin dependent diabetic. Blah! I also have asthma, which is a pain, and I am Celiac, so everything I cook/eat must be gluten-free. I have a few other things that are a pain, but won't bore you with details.

Karl has had 3 corneal transplants, surgeries, and has a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrands which gives him painful arthritis.

And that is enough. :-) Just being a parent, sometimes, is a trial! haha!"

KARA: "Describe a typical day in your household."

BETTY: "My mom wore house dresses, curlers, and put on makeup when she was going to go out the door. I am the opposite. I need to be showered, dressed, throw on makeup, do hair the fastest way possible (and still look decent) and get to work as soon as possible.

I used to have naturally curly hair. It tragically went away after the birth of my firstborn. It was so hard for me to learn how to coordinate using a curling iron and a hair dryer in front of a mirror!

After a quick breakfast, I do my email list work. It can take 3-4 hours, or 2-3, or 8 hours, depending upon what is in my inbox.

My youngest is home schooled. Oh, by the way, I home schooled all of my children from birth to college. Actually, they all attended public schools part-time starting in 9th grade. Since my youngest is 16, he goes to school one full day, and part of the next day.

So, before my kids grew up, a typical day for me was spent home schooling. But now that they are older, I do other things. :-)

During gardening season, I work in the garden until noon. Then I shower, and start email list work, and laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and mopping. When I have a missionary out serving, I write part of a letter to him/her each day. My letters are detailed news of family and community and thoughts.

I hate running errands and shopping. Oh, I should have put that in things that I hate! Gosh, I can't be perfect! :-) Shopping is the dreaded headache for me.

While Karl is out of work, besides doing contract work online, or odd jobs here and there, he runs my errands and does most of the shopping. Hallelujah!!

Three nights of the week Karl and I are training people on how to do their family history and genealogy. Monday evenings are relaxing for us, and Fridays and Saturdays we babysit grandkids, go on a bike ride (which I love to do) or visit parents.

The 2nd Sunday of each month we have a big family gathering with all of our children. We have dinner and a short family home evening, and celebrate the Birthdays that are that month.

Other Sunday Evenings we have a family night with our children living in the home, and if the weather is good, the entire family will go for a walk together.

I don't suppose any of our days are typical! But I tried. :-)"

Tomorrow we'll talk to Betty about her most important accomplishment, and about those incredible email lists that she runs. See you all then!


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