Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thanks to Incredible Woman #11 - Christy Alger

Thanks goes to Christy this week for allowing me to feature her on Incredible Women. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. Christy has taught me so much, here are just a few things from this week...

PRACTICE the piano - or whatever instrument you play, "Be still" and know that God is there beside you, hang in there (I really need this advice some days!), serving others will take your mind off of things you are going through, hard work, patience, and understanding can bring together differences and create a family, loss helps us appreciate each other more, nothing is more important than being together.

Christy is wonderful isn't she?

I've done the drawing for this week's gift - Christy's CD. We have 5 copies to give away. The names of the winners are listed at the top of the blog post area. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Tomorrow will be our "under construction" day, as I get ready to bring you another Incredible Woman. I'm so excited that some of our readers have nominated women they know - please feel free to do the same. I'm fitting the nominated women in wherever I can.

Happy Halloween,


Rae Ann said...

Do you mean me? Really! Did I win? Really? Can you hear me screaming with excitement! Oh, Thank you!
I will be so honored to have a copy of the Incredible Christy's CD. What a fantastic gift. It doesn't get any better than that!
I have truly enjoyed reading all the posts this week about Christy. She is simply amazing!
Rae Ann

Lisabug said...

I didn't see where to write under Betty Pearson's Incredible Women #12 entry, so I'll comment here.
Betty is my mother and I'm her oldest daughter.
I must add to this. My mother is a very incredible woman!!
When my mom was a semester away from graduating from the University of Utah she bore me, her first child, and opted to stay home with me full-time rather than finish her degree. She has never ever worked a day out of our home since she had me!!
My mom is is my idol in so many different ways. Her patience is great, her testimony is iron clad, her passion in good things is indescribable and her devotion to her family is immeasurable.
She taught all of us at home. She taught all of us how to gain our own testimonies of the Gospel. She encouraged us to ALWAYS choose the right and follow the Spirit, no matter what!
5 of us kids have already served successful, honorable missions and #6 is leaving soon and #7 cannot wait to go.
My mom is truly an Incredible Woman and I sincerely hope that one day I too can be like that. I guess I need to do is follow in her foot steps and I'll get there!!
Thank you for this blog! It's an amazing blog and inspirational!!! :)

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