Friday, October 30, 2009

Incredible Woman #11 - Christy Alger. Friday's Question

KARA: "You have a tremendous musical talent. Can you tell us the importance of music in your family?"

CHRISTY: "My mom started teaching me piano at the age of three. She instilled in me a great love for music and a desire to become a musician. Many nights I would fall asleep to her practicing with her singing quartet or accompanying a vocal number. I would practice long hours with the goal of someday, becoming just like my mom. I was called to be the ward organist at age 13 and was teaching piano lessons by age 14. Music has brought some wonderful experiences into my life. In fact, my first husband asked me to give him piano lessons. He never learned to play the piano, but we fell in love during our lessons! Some of my most sacred spiritual experiences in life have come through music. Dear cherished friendships have been formed as we have practiced and performed music together. The most rewarding experience was when my dear friend, Julene Judd and I made a CD together. Together, we shared our testimony and love for our Father in Heaven through music. We entitled it, “My Grateful Spirit Sings.” It was the best way I could think to express my gratitude to the Lord and my dear family and friends for blessing my live so richly. The song of the righteous is indeed a prayer unto Him."

KARA: What is your advice to women?"

CHRISTY: "Hang in there! Don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself. “Be Still” and know that He is there beside you. He knows you and loves you. Take His hand and never give up. Always remember….nothing is more important than being with the people you love. Love with your whole heart—holding nothing back!"


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