Thursday, October 29, 2009

Incredible Woman #11 - Christy Alger. Thursday's Question

KARA: "I’ve noticed that you love working with the youth. How has serving these teenagers changed your life? You are always smiling! I’m sure there are times when you aren’t smiling but I’ve never seen that. What makes you happy? What makes you smile?"

CHRISTY: "Being with people makes me smile! I love people of all ages…… babies, 1st graders, teenagers, and grandparents! I love to listen to them talk about their lives and watch their eyes sparkle. Everyone just wants to feel loved and accepted.

For the past 20 years, I have had constant pain in my lower back and down the insides of my legs and feet. I have gone to many different doctors in search of answers. Despite surgeries, spinal injections, therapy, and tests, nothing seems to aid the pain. I spend lots of nights going from different beds and couches trying to ease the pain enough to sleep. Sitting or standing for longs periods of time puts me out of commission. It is the most frustrating, dark, and lonely part of my life. I try to keep smiling and enduring, yet I often get down. The constant intense pain wears me down.

Last spring, I found myself bedridden and depressed. I knew that I couldn’t let myself give up. I needed something to get me up in the mornings. I needed something to live for. The Lord answered my prayers through a bunch of 6 year olds. I had taught 1st grade before my children were born and I felt very impressed that it was time to go back. I wondered how I could possibly endure the demands of teaching, yet the spirit seemed to push me forward. I applied for a teaching position and soon was blessed with 26 precious little souls in my life. My pain has not let up, but my spirit has been brightened. It’s the most beautiful thing to watch the pure innocence of a child’s love. They forgive and forget, they illuminate excitement, and they sparkle with heaven’s beauty. I have found my smile again because of these perfect cherished souls."

Join us again tomorrow when Christy shares her talent with us - hint... she started playing the piano at age 3!!!


Sharleen said...

What an inspiration to others you are as you deal with pain but live life to the fullest. Thanks for sharing.

Kim Walus said...

I LOVE you Christy! You are a real inspiration to me and I consider you a dear friend! Thanks for always sharing your faith and sunshine with all of us!

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