Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Incredible Woman #11 - Christy Alger. Wednesday's Question

KARA: What is one of your most inspiring memories?"

CHRISTY: "I have a son serving a mission in Puerto Rico. He has also served on the Antilles Islands of Netherlands. He has had to learn Spanish, Portugese, Papumento, and Dutch. He sounds happy and full of love for the people. I know that his experiences in our family prepared him to love and understand people from all different cultures. He knows how to do hard things.

He gave me one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. During his High School Senior year, he was given an assignment by an English teacher to do something in his community to make a difference for good. He studied the needs of our area and discovered that 1 in every7 children in Utah were going hungry. He decided to “Run For Hunger.” With businesses promising to give money per mile, he began running as many miles as he could in a 24 hour period. He started at midnight and ran all night. He kept running throughout the day. I drove along side of him with food and water. I watched him take each step exhausted and aching, yet determined to keep going. During the last hour of his run, our family and friends ran with him. I was overcome with pride and love as I watched him finish the gruesome end. He ran 74.2 miles and collected over $2,000. He set a goal, never gave up, and made a difference in the hearts of many. Whenever I think that I can’t go on, I think of him running and I know that I can keep going forward too."

Believe me when I say that everyone in Christy's family is just as amazing as she is. I'm so blessed to know this family. I hope you're having a good time getting to know Christy. Tomorrow Christy will talk about what makes her smile.


Kim Walus said...

What a wonderful experience for you and your family. It warmed my heart. I know that I couldn't possibly run that many miles. Awesome!

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