Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thank You Paige!!!

Another great week has flown by here at Incredible Women. I'm so happy that Paige agreed to be featured here. She really is incredible, right?! I've learn alot from her this week - here are just a few things...

Try to eat a healthy diet. Drink lots of water, exercise. Some great goals - become debt free, raise happy successful children. Trials are no fun, but they do make us stronger, trials help us become who we are - they shape us into good people, they are the Lord's way of molding and shaping our character. Listen to the answers you pray for and don't second guess yourself if the going gets tough. One of the most important things we can possess is the gift of charity.

Thanks so much, Paige, for sharing yourself with us.

I'm sorry there wasn't a give away this week - it was my fault, not Paige's. I just never got around to putting it up on the blog. In fact, I haven't announced winner for the last several weeks. Sorry about that. I'll try to get a post together announcing winners, and there will be a give-away next week, I promise.

I'm excited for next week. I'll let you know why tomorrow some time (here's a clue - PINK). Stay tuned...


paige said...


Thanks so much for the great opportunity to be featured. It really gave me a chance to reflect on my life. Now, I can be thankful to the Lord again for all of His blessings. It was a lot of fun answering the questions! I wanted to also thank everyone who read this week and to those who posted comments as well. I can't wait to see who is next! :)

Micki said...

What a lovely and talented lady! The interview was wonderful!

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