Thursday, October 1, 2009

Incredible Woman #8 - Linda Black. Thursday's questions...

KARA: "You are a college graduate. Address the importance of education for women. Also, do you stress the importance of a college degree to your kids?"

LINDA: "Education has always been important to me. College was never an option, it was a given. Yes, I do stress to my kids that education comes first. My oldest is going to the U of U and studying Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy. One down three to go! Academics has always been hard for my second child and so he is studying his vocation through hands-on experience and trade college classes. I think each child is different. A college degree is as important for women as it is for men. Women are going to be home raising kids and teaching them the many skills that we acquire through education. Even after the degree it is important to keep up on your skills. Take home study courses. Enroll in a few evening classes that are of interest to you. Learning is life long and the more knowledge we acquire the more we can enrich the lives of those we come in contact with: family as well as friends. Besides, keeping up on all the technology requires a few classes here and there just so we can communicate with our kids."

KARA: "Do you have a hero? Tell us about that person, and what it is that you admire. Do you think it’s important for kids to have heroes?"

LINDA: "My heroes change from time to time but include: my mother – I admire her persistence (sometimes it’s a curse); my siblings each for their unique gifts; Bill Gates – his work as a philanthropist; Alan Ashton – his ability to make you feel important; Tina Turner – her tenacity (she is really a Diva and a great entertainer). So many more…

A common thread when I think of people I admire is that they are able to inspire those around them to be their best self BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT AFRAID TO BE TRUE TO THEMSELVES!! They don’t pretend to be something they are not.

I think it is important for kids to have heroes. Someone that inspires them to excel and achieve greatness by being their best self and learning from mistakes."


Live Well With Judi said...

I've known Linda for nearly 10 years and she truly is a remarkable woman. She's as nice as she sounds in her interviews. She's is genuine and caring and a great yoga teacher. She has inspired me many times to be and do better. It's been fun to read about her these last 4 days. If you have ever considered starting an exercise program, consider yoga at Lifted Life, it has been an incredible experience for me.

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