Friday, October 2, 2009

Incredible Woman #8 - Linda Black. Friday's questions...

KARA: "What kinds of things inspire you?"

LINDA: "Long walks. Hiking in Zions. Canyoneering in Southern Utah. Watching my kids in their sports. Music – singing, playing or listening. Good movies. Good books. I like to read about real adventures and beating the odds. A couple of favorites are: “Three Cups of Tea”, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”, “Into the Wild”, “Into Thin Air”. I also like to read self improvement authors like Eckhart Tolle, Carol Tuttle, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie and of course I read Yoga Journal, Yoga books and study the philosophy and teachings of yoga as they relate to my own spiritual knowledge and religion."

KARA: "Tell us your beauty secrets, please! What do you do that is most important to your overall well-being?"

LINDA: "Get plenty of rest 7 - 8 hours (except for the all –nighters); Drink lots of water everyday (1/2 your weight in ounces); Eat three meals a day and include raw, whole foods at each meal; take omega 3,6,9’s; Practice yoga. Be in the sun. Laugh. Pray. Be grateful (most important)."


Live Well With Judi said...

Linda: Thanks for all you've done to inspire me over the years. You are a very caring and loving person and I have admired for years how gentle your spirit is and how kind your heart is. I enjoyed celebrating you this week thru this blog of incredible women.

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