Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Incredible Woman #8 - Linda Black. Wednesday's questions...

KARA: "Can you talk to us about nutrition? I remember way back when I first met you – you came to Dream Dinners, where I worked – and asked about vegetarian dishes. Are you a vegetarian? What about your family? Is it challenging to find a good mixture of foods that your whole family loves?"

LINDA: "I guess you could say I am a nutrition junky! I LOVE to read everything I can about what is good for the body. It started as early as the 7th grade. I figured if I wanted to look and FEEL good at age 40 I’d better pay attention to what people who look and feel good at 40 do. And if I didn’t want to be sick with heart disease, over weight, arthritic, and on medications in my 50’s then I’d better figure out how my body runs and keep it fueled with proper nourishment. I firmly believed when I was very young that the key to having health when you are very old (like in your 40’s – ha ha) was through nutrition. I still believe that. While I’m not a vegetarian I really don’t eat a lot of meat either. I’ve read “The China Study” and other books that show evidence that meat in large quantities is not healthy for humans. Every BODY is unique and different. What is good for one person can be very bad for another. Use your intuition. There are so many factors to good health. It’s important to take baby steps every day that will put you in the right direction. Bless your food. Prepare it with love. And LOVE what you eat! HOW you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat!

Yes, it is a challenge to find foods that every one in the family loves, mainly because I will eat anything healthy even if it doesn’t taste great and my family won’t. I have to make it appetizing for them to eat veggies, rice and beans. I can’t serve the same meal twice in a week. And because I don’t love to cook we often get sub-standard meals in the taste department. I am always looking for great tasting healthy recipes!!"

KARA: "What kinds of goals do you have? Talk about those goals, both long-term and short-term. What is your plan for achieving your goals?"

LINDA: "I have seven goal categories: Career, Personal, Money, Relationships, Recreational fun, Service (Leaving a Legacy), and Physical Health & Fitness. Within each category I have 3 – 4 items listed. I’m not working on all of them at the same time. Some are long-term, on-going and some are short-term that lead to long-term. They are a work in progress. My plan for achieving my goals day to day is to visualize through meditation what I want my life to be like. Thought precedes the action. Lately I’ve been spending 15 – 30 minutes a day seeding, visualizing, and affirming attributes and goals that I want in my life. It is an amazing process and one that I’ve just recently taken a course in and I’m having a lot of fun with it. It is definitely hard work!

Current goals: Being ready on time! Have more FUN with life; Increased confidence; Developing a curriculum for Teacher Training; and Developing a curriculum for a yoga retreat for foreign exchange students."

Isn't Linda great?! Come back tomorrow for more...


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