Thursday, August 13, 2009

Incredible Woman #1 - Janie Squire. Thursday's questions

Kara: "What do you aspire to be? How will you get there? Talk about the short-term and long-term goals you have. Have you achieved some of your goals - how?"
Janie: "That is a difficult question. I aspired to be a school teacher when I was younger, and I was fortunate enough to do that for 18 years. I kept that goal within my sight even after I got married. We had a difficult time getting our family started, so teaching fulfilled my needs as far as being around children, and provided benefits we needed as newlyweds. Now my goal is to be the best mom that I can be to my daughter, and in the future, to be a fun grandma!! But WAY in the future!! I want to continue doing indexing for Family Search and someday soon get started on family geneology. I would love to travel into parts of Mexico and Spain to look for ancestors' grave sites. I also want to start visiting as many LDS temples located in different places in the United States. Dennis and I plan to take up golfing in order to spend time with each other and fill the void of a daughter that is moving out to go to college. (What is that all about? We don't live that far from Provo!)"

Kara: "You and your husband have a successful business (Big O Tires). Is it difficult owning your own business? How have you become successful? Any advice for women who want to own their own businesses?"
Janie: "We worked and sacrificed for 20 years in order for us to buy our first business! Twenty years, yes. That is a long time. You have to be willing to be a single parent for a great portion of the time in order to get things off the ground and running! I drove to Texas and back several times with my kids and no Dennis, because he was working. He bought old beater cars, repaired, restored, and sold them in order to set money aside for buying our first home and buying our first business! There were times when we wondered where we would get money for groceries, but it always showed up. He has been a dedicated employee in the past, and learned how to work hard from previous employers. Now we are able to enjoy the business, help others, and travel.

Advice on getting a business started for women? Well, I would suggest picking something that would benefit a lot of individuals, and something that perhaps is a bit extraordinary. Then, go for it! Be willing to invest time and energy into achieving that goal of having that business belong to you."

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This was a great interview. It was wonderful meeting such a gifted business woman,

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