Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Incredible Woman #1 - Janie Squire. Wednesday's questions

Kara: "Tell me about some service you've performed. How did it change you? How can we find ways to serve?"
Janie: "Serving my son for 19 years as his caregiver gave me an outlook on life that you couldn't learn from reading a book. He could not do the simple things that we are able to do, like tie your shoe, scratch your nose, etc. I learned how precious it is to have your muscles working properly. He served as Junior Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association for two years. He spoke at different events and I was fortunate enough to drive him to these functions and listen to his message. We were able to meet so many wonderful people because of this. It helped mold me into who I am today. After he passed away, I voluntarily served at the LDS Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah for two years. He had been planning to serve a mission there for our church, and of course was not able to, so I figured that I could do it for him. I was a Spanish translator for the Spanish-speaking missionaries and was able to meet so many wonderful young men and young women. It was so fulfilling to help them adjust to a new country, new foods, a new language - a new journey in their lives.

There are so many opportunities to serve. Look around. I promise that someone around the corner needs some service in one way or another. Invite a widow or widower to dinner, watch someone's child for an hour or two to give them a break, call someone that you have been "thinking" about. Most importantly: act upon when prompted upon to serve.

Kara: "If you had a full day to do anything you wanted, how would you spend it? What do you do to relax? Do you have any beauty secrets you can share with us?"
Janie: "A full day??!! What's that?!! Seriously, I would get a massage, a pedicure, get my hair done, go to a makeup counter and have someone do my makeup, then I would have Dennis take me to a fancy dinner!! AHHHHH!!! That would be the ultimate! A day filled with pampering just ME!! Oh, wait!! I'd go get a new outfit to wear!!!

I love to read "make you feel good" books - ones with happy endings, while sitting on my back deck with the water feature bubbling away, thus making me feel like I'm by a brook up in the mountains somewhere.

Beauty secrets? THAT makes me laugh! I don't know, seriously. I think laughing and having a great sense of humor makes us beautiful and feel younger. Well, maybe one thing that I have faithfully done since I was young is wash my makeup off each night, no matter how tired I may be. Always. Always. Then, follow up with moisturizer. I had a teacher in Junior High tell us that if we did that, it would help our skin not age so quickly. I guess that's why I've tried to be diligent about my skin. She was a pretty teacher."


Jan said...

Beautiful Blog Kara!!! I put your "button" on mine. Hugs and prayers to Jaine! God Bless her and her family :)

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