Friday, October 1, 2010

Incredible Woman #51 - Kay Kanter. The Future, and Beauty Secrets...

KARA: "Where do you see yourself in the future – 10 years, 20 years, 30 years? Tell us some of your short and long-term goals."

KAY: "My goals… hmm. Yes, I set goals for everything. Goals are the key to success. When I set my mind to it, I can achieve it. My parents always told me that I have always reached my goals. I have a plan in my head and I keep going, until I reach it. My short term goal is the same one, in my house, every day. We start our day happy and end our day happy. There is no fighting or screaming in our house in the morning. That just starts everyone’s day off grumpy. And we go to sleep happy. I want my kids to remember that our home was happy. “Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

I have goals for my photography business. My first and foremost goal is: as a business woman, I insist on keeping the gospel in mind when making all of my decisions. Shortcuts are not my way of business. Compared to some businesses, my shop is little. I am winning over big clients, even though my business is new and small. I give amazing customer service and stand by my word. I don’t get a lot of sleep (haha). I keep my deadlines. I work hard to make my clients happy. I have more than exceeded my goals for this year with my business, because of my success and clientele.

Long term goals are just as important. I must maintain my family life and business life. In order to be completely successful, I must be sure to keep my business life and home life, separate. I must nurture both and not ignore either. I must remember to be humble and grateful for all of my blessings. Family must come first."

KARA: "Share your beauty secrets with us! What makes you feel happy and healthy?"

KAY: "Beauty? Hmmm, beauty comes from within! As a pro-photog, I can absolutely agree with that. You can be the most stunning woman in the room, but if you are ugly inside, you will be standing all alone. I have a pretty heart. I try hard to be a good person. I think, there is a fine line between being self confident and being vain. In order to be confident, you must not doubt your actions. If you are not a liar, you will always remember what you say. It is funny how, now that I am pushing mid forties, all of a sudden “outside beauty doesn’t matter”. Hahaha, that cracks me up. I cut off my long hair to make my mom a wig, when she was going through chemo. It’s growing back now. I still love my super long eye lash extensions!"

Wow! What a wonderful week here on Incredible Women! I loved interviewing Kay. I hope you enjoyed the interview, too. Thanks, Kay!!! I'm crossing my fingers that someday I'll be able to meet Kay in person. ;-) This interview will be posted in it's entirety through Sunday. Spread the word to everyone you know about Incredible Women - I'd love to share all these women with lots of people out there. Have a great weekend!


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