Friday, July 9, 2010

Incredible Woman #45 - Marie Ricks. A Day to Herself, and Beauty Secrets...

KARA: "I know you are one busy, busy woman! If you were offered one day to yourself, what would you do?"

MARIE: "Oh, I know exactly what I would do because I do this once a year on my birthday. I would get up very early and watch balloons rise to the July sky and I would attend a grand parade. I would have a picnic somewhere outdoors and then come indoors for a classic movie. I would spend an hour painting a smooth rock with flowers, cut squares for Primary Children's hospital quilts, and then I would spread pennies (as many as I am old) during my evening walk along the sidewalk for children to discover the next morning."

KARA: "Will you share your beauty secrets? What keeps you happy and healthy?"

MARIE: "This is my motto: To be pretty is a gift, to be beautiful is a skill. I exercise every morning. I showered and wear an outfit one level higher than my mood. I'm partial to perfume and earrings, wearing bright and happy colors, and most importantly, putting a smile upon my face, the most important element of my beauty secrets."

Thanks goes to Marie for sharing herself with us this week. It was a pleasure to interview her. Her interview will be up on the blog through Sunday afternoon.

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