Monday, June 28, 2010

Incredible Woman #44 - Marina Gonzalez. Self and Family...

I'm excited to introduce Marina Gonzalez - 1) because she was nominated by one of our readers, and 2) because I can't wait to learn all about her myself! She sounds like a wonderful woman. I had a nice surprise after I interviewed Marina - her husband, Richard, wrote to me. I thought I'd share what he said before we start the interview...

"You don't know me but I'm Marina's husband. She forward this e-mail to me which pretty much describe her from her point of view. If you ask me, the best description I can give of my beloved wife will be "She is Angel without wings". I know there is more then one word, but that will be the best description, and I said "without wing" because if she have them, people will freak out! But I think she has earned. She is very passionate about anything she commits to do, she has received several recognitions through the Scout program, she attend wood badge course in 2006 (Advance training for leaders) & each year since, she comes back as staff to help other leaders to learn more about Scout program. As result, she has earn her wood badge beads - this is a special recognition among the scout leaders. She also received the Venturing Leadership Award for being an outstanding leader helping the Youth. Also, the "Vale la pena" is a high recognition for the spanish speaking Scout Leaders - never been given before here in Salt Lake &
only two was given in 2009. Marina was one of the recipient. She also was among the 10 more influential women in Salt Lake City among the scouting program first time presented this recognition last year. She also receive the Silver Beaver Award which is the highest that the Great Salt Lake Scout Council can give to a volunteer this year. I can go on & on, but the bottom line... she is so amazing that after all these years being together, I'm still learning from her the way she is with everyone. I love her so much because all she does comes from her heart."

Isn't that great?! So, let's start this interview...

KARA: "Describe yourself. What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

MARINA: "I am a 46-year old Latina who enjoys life. I love taking pictures. I take my camera everywhere, because I'm afraid I'll miss a Kodak moment. I love FaceBook. I don't have time to call all my relatives and friends and this is a great way to stay in touch. I love reading - from scriptures to comic strips. I believe a smile can heal wounds, uplift a weary soul and break down barriers. I love learning about other cultures, and embrace all people. I am committed to my family and religion. I am most happy when I receive a sincere hug and when I am surrounded by the beauty of God's creations. I believe there is a solution for all things in life, except death. I love mozzarella cheese and everything that is made with it. Summer fruits and fresh vegetables are my favorite snacks. I dislike negative attitudes.

I never thought of myself as an incredible woman. Just insanely busy!!!"

KARA: "Tell us about your family. What one word describes each of the members of your family?"

MARINA: "We are a scouting family and enjoy hanging out with each other. Our kids actually are best friends. It's hard when a member of the family is away. One word is hard to describe each member, because I can write a long list for each of them.

OK here's my best description:
My husband Richard = Romantic.
My daughter Janina = Sweet.
My son Chris = Kind.
My daughter Krystal = Passionate.
My son Jonathan = Loving.
My son-in-law Pearson = Noble.
My grandpuppy Cole = Adorable!!"

I love asking that question - the "one word description" question, because I think it's kinda neat to hear what words are used to describe the special people in our lives. BUT... sometimes I wish I would have given them more than one word - Marina's family sounds wonderful. Please join me tomorrow and each following day this week to learn more about Marina. I'll be posting 2 questions/answers from our interview each day. Tomorrow... work and trials!


Kris said...

Awesome...I love what Richard has to say, I dito his commment that Marina is "An angel without wings". She is such a good friend and I cherish my relationship with her over the years! She truley is Incredible!

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