Friday, June 11, 2010

Incredible Woman #42 - Kristi from Visible Voice. One Wish, and Beauty Secrets...

KARA: "If you could fulfill one wish, what would it be?"

KRISTI: "Obviously, I would have starred in High School Musical while still in High School. Don’t think I’m kidding – I’m being for real. I’ve dreamt since I was five of being a singer/dancer/movie star and really HSM is all that wrapped up into one! ;) But besides that wish, I think the thing I wish for the most is to become healthier, happier and better each day or year that I get older. I’m heading into my 30’s in less then two weeks and all I want for this decade is to feel great! I want to be the best I can for me, but I want to be the best I can for my husband and my kid(s)."

KARA: "What are your beauty secrets? How do you stay healthy and happy?"

KRISTI: "I do have a few beauty must do’s that I try to live by, though I am no expert by far! And these go hand in hand with helping me feel as healthy and happy as I can.

*I only wash my hair twice a week. It may sound gross, but it keeps it from drying out and breaking. On top of that I use a leave in conditioner. Right now I have Redken Color Extend Total Recharge. It feels like butter for the hair. And no, my hair doesn't get greasy.

*Olive oil is so good for you. And it’s good for your skin. I’ve even washed my face with it. My fave thing to do with it is put it in the tub and you come out with your skin just feeling moist, soft and hydrated. This is also good for the kiddos too.

*I drink tons of water. Water is pretty much the only thing I drink. It’s so super good for you and I can tell the days that I’ve not had enough. And with that said, I don’t drink pop. Hardly ever. In fact the only time I have pop is at a friends house and then, after that, I’m ready to give it up. Pop is just not good for you.

*I put my make up on and get “ready” every day. It’s super easy when you’re home all day to just not try. But I think it’s good for your soul and your emotional well being to put a few minutes into yourself daily.

*When I can muster up the energy (remember, weird health issues) I love to go for walks. Especially outside walks. Take in the scenery, the air, and clear my mind while helping me get some exercise. I try to do this 3 days a week if I can fit it in my crazy schedule. I find it’s way easier now with the weather warm and it being stroller season.

*I pray. I pray a lot. This may sound like a weird beauty secret, but to ponder and pray and have a bit of stillness and quiet refreshes you.

*LAST – I nap when I need to. I’m a Mom of a small child, who is pregnant. If I can catch extra Zzzz’s I take them. I'm a way better person for it."

WOW! What great healthy advice. I can't say enough how much I've enjoyed this week with Kristi. It has been a pleasure interviewing her, and getting to know her. I hope you've enjoyed it as well. Thanks SO MUCH, Kristi! Kristi's entire interview will be on the blog all day Saturday and Sunday. So, if you missed the chance to check the blog each day this week, you can catch up on Saturday.

I have to admit, for the first time in a long time, I've got no one to interview for next week. I've sent several emails out, but no one has written back. Summer is a super busy time - maybe everyone it on vacation! ;-) So, I'm not sure if we'll have an interview - we might just be taking a break. BUT... please check back on Monday anyway. I might just be able to surprise you with another Incredible Woman! Have a great weekend everyone.


The Super Seven said...

Those are some great beauty tips. Thanks for all the fun interviews with Kristi. I've known her forever but still love reading more......your blog is lots of fun Kara!!! I'm going to have to take some inspiration from blog needs some life.....

Anonymous said...

I wish I could convince myself to get 'ready' everyday - living in isolation tends to make it too easy to sit in pajamas or sweats all day! People don't even bat an eye when they see me in pajama pants at the store. That's one habit I'm definitely going to have to break when we move!!!

Great interview!!!

Linda said...

What a fun idea - great beauty tips and lots of fun. I think the interview idea is great.

Just Rhonda said...

Great tips Kristi!! :)

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