Thursday, June 10, 2010

Incredible Woman #42 - Kristi from Visible Voice. Lessons From An Isolated Community, and About Kristi's Blog

KARA: "What are 3 things you have learned from living in an isolated community? What do you do to keep yourself busy - besides being a wife and a mom, housework, etc.?"

KRISTI: "Well I for sure have learned a lot about food storage!! And I want to definitely keep that up especially once food and things like that become cheaper for me. I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life that we take for granted. Being able to walk to a park, go to church on Sunday, take a visit to the library, and having friends for my son to play with. Never take for granted the resources you have. I’ve been tired and not feeling good for most of my life and after having two years of not being near doctors and other specialists that could maybe finally help me – I realized that I took for granted all those years that they were always at my finger tips. And I've learned to be true to who I am. Always.

I definitely keep busy up here. I actually work part time at my husbands work. And since there is no childcare here I work opposite him. We often play “tag you’re it” when he walks in the door and I walk out. But when we have days off together we try to take advantage of some of the perks of living here. We have full access to four wheelers & boats and we love to make good use of them. We also have bonfires with our neighbors and often that includes lots of yummy food."

KARA: "I love your blog! Why did you start a blog? Tell us about your guest bloggers. What things do you blog about?"

KRISTI: "Yay! I’m so glad you love my blog! That’s a wonderful complement.

I started my blog back in the day as a family blog because a friend of mine convinced me to. I never thought I’d use it. I think my first entry even says something like…"we’ll see how well I do with this thing". But as time went on it started to evolve into more of a creative outlet as well as a way for all of our loved ones to keep up with us as we move around. And I've made so many friends through this. It's amazing to me. It's kept me sane and kept me from being alone. You'll often see me beg for comments because I so love and need to hear from the outside world. I really hope to do big things with it someday. It truly is a passionate hobby of mine.

On my blog I have what’s called a PEEK series. I got the idea one day when driving around Winnipeg on one of our trips out. I’ve always loved peeking into peoples windows as we drive by and seeing them in their home and always wonder about their life, and why they like what they like and do what they do. And then I realized that that is exactly why I love blogging - or rather blog stalking ha ha ha! I love seeing how normal people live and love hearing about their lives. So I came up with the PEEK series so that my readers and myself could take a PEEK into something in their life. I’ve had people show their craft rooms, inside their favorite candy store, their kitchens, right into their bathrooms. Doing the PEEKS is also a great way for people to get their blog out there if they are looking to connect and find new followers or blogging friends. It’s been super fun to do. I have slowed down in the last little while as we have had a lot going on but I have some PEEK’ers lined up for this summer so you’ll have to stay tuned.

As far as things I blog about....I really blog about anything and nothing all the junk in between. I blog about my family life, things that I love, and random thoughts. Sometimes I host giveaways for people to promote their business or blog. Often this goes hand in had with my PEEKS. I usually try to make things light and funny but I also try to be myself as much as possible and sometimes that means you’ll get a post about things that may be bugging me. I just try super hard to be myself and maybe even say things that people normally wouldn’t be willing to say. And I always make sure to only blog when I want to. There was a time where I was posting stuff just to post and it wasn’t fun or who I was and so I really make it priority to do it all just for me."

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the last day of Kristi's interview. She'll tell us what wish she'd love to have fulfilled, and all about her beauty secrets! Oh, man, I'm so excited - she's beautiful!


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Kristi's blogs are great, and this is a great idea - to feature amazing women.

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