Thursday, May 27, 2010

Incredible Woman #40 - Amy Oakeson. Thursday's Question.

KARA: "Your husband described you as "compassionate and caring". What kinds of things do you do to show compassion to others? How does this enrich your own life?"

AMY: "Seriously? Wow. Surprising because I have struggled with this my entire adult life. I’m not very openly emotional with most people. In fact, I’ve even been told I can be a pretty tough cookie. I’m really working on doing better with this. I feel very deeply for others, but struggle to express it. Because I’m not great with expressing my feelings, I tend to be a woman of action. I’m better with concrete things like that... a person has a specific need, so I fill it the best I can. I certainly won’t be the first person to give a big hug or write an emotional letter. But if a friend needs help with her kids, I’m on it. Or someone has a financial issue, I’ll give everything I can. I have to give credit to my husband’s family, particularly his parents, for showing us the value of actively serving others. We’ve had many opportunities to serve together as a family and it’s been a powerful learning experience for me. I cannot describe the joy in doing something for someone that they cannot do for themselves. I came to appreciate this even more after having my daughter. It was a particularly difficult thing physically and there was a lot that I simply could not do. I had so many wonderful friends and family members help with the simplest things and it made all the difference in the world to me! I feel a little selfish sometimes in helping people actually, because I get so much out of it for myself. I guess that’s just the beauty of it, right?"

KARA: "Your husband also told us that you were a cheerleader in high school and college! (Aren't husbands just so wonderful!) I've had several friends who have been cheerleaders... how do you think being involved in this type of activity at a young age helped you prepare for later life?"

AMY: "Gee, my husband is super wonderful … (insert sarcasm) not at all embarrassing.

Cheerleading paid for college, which was awesome because I’m frugal! So that was great. It also taught me discipline. You can’t get up before dawn every morning and have so many time commitments for years and not learn to be a little bit responsible!"

Tomorrow is our last day with Amy. I'm anxious to find out her Top 10 favorite things - and, of course, her beauty secrets. I bet you are too. Come back tomorrow to enjoy the end of our interview.


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