Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Incredible Woman #38 - Barbara Anderson. Wednesday's Question.

KARA: "You've traveled quite a bit.. what is your favorite trip? If you could have any vacation, what would it be?"

BARBARA: "Well, I guess I love to cruise. If I could have any trip? Cruise around the world with my family. Bruce and I also love England. I would love to go back there and see more. All the little villages and castles etc. I love art and the museums are fabulous. I wish I had enough money to take all the kids and grand kids with us. But come what may."

KARA: "Tell us about your grandchildren."

BARBARA: "What can I say - they are incredible. We started out with 7 boys from two girls. Pretty good !!!! Then - Surprise!!!!! "Mom how would you feel about 5 more grandkids????" "If that is what makes you happy, great!" Kris added a girl of all things to the works and 4 more boys. What a party we have had over the years. But that wasn't the end. Dave and Kris adopted a little angel from Guatemala. She has been everyone's delight. So you can see there are never any dull moments in our life. We are just starting the GREAT GRANDCHILDREN!!!!! We have one girl and she is as cute as a bugs ear. We are so fortunate."

KARA: "What are some of your favorite memories as a grandma?"

BARBARA: "All of them. It is hard to pick out one over another. All of the kids have been, said, and done the funniest things. They are all the cutest kids alive. We have been very blessed with the smartest, bravest, most giving grandchildren there are. They all show us their love whenever we see them and when they are not around us by being honest, trustworthy. I guess |I am like every other grandma. I just think my grandchildren are the best. There is one experience that I had with Grant, our first grandson. We were at my brother's house for a wedding and Grant was running in and out of the kitchen like a banshee. I turned around and gave him a spank as he went by and he turned and looked at me like he couldn't believe that his grandma could do that. It totally broke my heart!!!! I turned back to the sink and started to cry. Why oh why had I done such a terrible thing???? Kara after a few minutes said "Mom are you crying? Because you spanked Grant?" Well I learned that day why my sweet mother-in-law would never spank her grandchildren. She just had them kneel and pray to be better. As Kris said one time when she was about 3 years old, "Heavenly Father, help me not to be so yukky......."

Haha, yeah, that's sounds just like my sister! Thanks for joining us today. Please return tomorrow for more of the interview with Barbara.


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