Monday, May 10, 2010

Incredible Woman #38 - Barbara Anderson. Monday's Question.

This week I'm featuring my mother, Barbara Anderson (in honor of Mother's Day). She a wonderful mom, and I've learned so much from her. She was married young (17). She lost my sister, Carmen, when she was born. Mom was 19 at the time. She has owned several businesses. I remember that she went to beauty school when I was young, and owned her own salon, called The Hair Loft, while I was growing up. She did my hair until I got married and moved across the country. She pierced my ears! I remember the smells from her salon - the perm solution and the hair spray. I really loved that place. My mother taught me that "You don't pluck your eyebrows - you pluck a chicken! You TWEEZE your eyebrows." And, "You don't paint your nails - you paint a house! You POLISH your nails." My mother is incredibly talented. She paints, and own a plaster shop where she taught classes for years. She helped me paint some vases, a lamp, and a bust called "Old Warrior" for my new house when I moved back home to Utah. My mother was 38 years old when I got married. She was a grandma at the age of 40! Mom has had plenty of trials in her life, but has always come out on top! She's taught me so much about being beautiful, kind, helpful, etc. She was so strong while I had chemo for breast cancer a year ago. She was my chemo partner - taking me to chemo, sitting with me all day long, and taking me home afterward - she would stop to get my medications, and then take me home and tuck me in bed. She always believed I would be able to get rid of the cancer, and be ok again. She was one of my strongest supporters. I couldn't have done it without her. I really love her, and I'm excited about sharing her with you this week. I hope you'll visit here each day to learn a little bit more about her. Here are the first two questions... ENJOY!

KARA: Tell us about yourself. What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

BARBARA: "Well, I think I have led a pretty normal life. I have an incredible husband that loves me. I have no doubt about that. I also have been blessed with two incredible daughters. I tried my best to raise them as my Heavenly Father would have wanted me to. Also I have had a lot of help from two wonderful mothers. My mom taught me from her example how to be a loving mother and my mother-in-law also set a wonderful example of what a mom should be. I don't know how I could fail with two Moms to help out all these years. I think that we all learn from our mistakes, I hope I didn't make too many. I have always tried to set a good example to my family , in my deeds and actions. Looking back, I know there are some things I would do differently, but all in all I think things have worked out pretty good. I guess I am pretty stubborn and I usually will discuss things until I get my way. Sometimes I have had to readjust my ideas. I feel that I am a fairly religious person and I try to look at any decisions that I make from that stand point."

KARA: "Describe your family. What have you learned from each one?"

BARBARA: "My parents:
My father was a kind, generous, loving Dad with more patience than anyone I know. But even at that, I could always wrap him around my little finger, which I told my mom I could do many times!
My mom, she was soft and sometimes hard. Loving and strict. Always there for me... a teacher of many things. I probably didn't learn as much as I could of because I always thought I knew everything. Life teaches you that you don't. Maybe some of the things I just learned and didn't know it.

Kara my daughter. I love her so much. She is hard to explain. Thoughtful, trustworthy, a loving mom and wife. Stubborn as I am, but giving, and forgiving. She has always had her head on straight and is very close to her Heavenly Father. She is strong, tender, accomplished, knows what she wants and is not afraid of working to get it. She has been through some incredible trials, some I wish I could have had for her, but she has come through them a stronger, more compassionate person. She is willing to help anyone with any problem. I know that a lot of other women will be helped by her experiences. She is a best friend to her sister, and she will help anyone with whatever. I could go on forever talking about her because I am so proud of her.

Kristin my daughter. I love her so much. She has been through some tough times. She is strong, beautiful,full of love and kindness. She is there to help everyone. She is a wonderful mom. There is a never-ending supply of love with her. She will defend her chicks to the bitter end. She has a volatile temper, which she gets from her father. Don't get on her wrong side! Trustworthy, compassionate, generous, can't stand to see anyone in need. She has had more surgeries than any eighty year old. She has always been there for Kara to hold her hand, and give support to her. Just possibly the best sister ever.

Both of my girls are mothers of boys and so understand them like no other. I have learned that their lives have been much different from mine raising children, but just as wonderful. I keep asking myself what have I done to deserve such great women to call my own.

Two great son-in-laws. They both are hard workers, they never fail to support their wives and children in what ever they do. They protect their families and are always there to help out the girls when they need it. They are loving, generous and kind. I am very proud to call both of them my sons. I could not have picked better husbands for the girls.

13 grandchildren. I learn every day how lucky I am to be able to call them mine.

My wonderful husband, best friend, lover, companion. He is my everything. Loving, generous to a fault, a protector, and he loves me just like I am."


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