Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Incredible Woman #37 - Tina Richey. Wednesday's Question.

KARA: "Tina, tell us about your job as a Massage Therapist. What made you decide to do this? What is the best part of your job/what part of your job do you enjoy the most?"

TINA: "After my divorce I needed to find a line of work. I was a stay at home mom for almost 15 years and being married at 17 means I didn’t have much time for schooling or work. After leaving my marriage I decided to do massage for a couple reasons. First, flexibility in hours I could work. I had 4 kids under 14 in 4 different schools playing in sports and other activities, so this was important to me. School was relatively short in comparison to other options and I love people. I’m a touchy, feely kind of gal, so it all made sense. I have to say though, during school finding out I’d have to massage feet made me almost quit school. I’ve hated feet since I was young due to having to rub my dad's feet, which were not cute at all. After 12 years I’m over the “feet” thing. The best part of the job is the clients who come in with so much pain and leave surprised they can walk, or function. I love my clients and over the years they have become more than clients. They are my friends and I love them all dearly and appreciate their respect for me and my abilities. I have emails and texts begging me to come back to California already and I’ve just been gone a couple of months."

KARA: "You recently moved back to Utah after many years in California. What things do you miss about California the most, and what do you love about Utah?"

TINA: "I have lived in California since 1982 after high school. I feel like that is where I belong. I’ve lived there so long, that the beach calls my name quite often. I wasn’t able to go as much as I used to because of finances but when I’m at the ocean I feel like I’m home. I love the sounds, smells, feel, dreams etc. that go along with it. If I had a choice I’d have a beach house to grow old in. Utah is pretty, but this is just a short 1-2 year detour in my life. I’m grateful for the chance to come back here and be closer to my family even though they are 2 1/2 hours away. Sure beats those surprise 13 hour trips I’d plan at least once a year!"


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