Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Incredible Woman #32 - Vanessa Brown. Tuesday's Questions...

KARA: "What are your TOP 5 favorite things? Why?"

VANESSA: "I love bags of chocolate chips, I blame these on the reason I am not as thin as I would like. I love cookbooks and cooking magazines, I secretly want to be Martha Stewart, even though it will never happen. I like side projects, and I have a lot of them, which keep my mind sharp and busy. I love the ocean and can't wait to go to Panama soon. I have a necklace that I wear every day that says, "My Heart Belongs to the Sea" And I love my family, they are the reason for everything that I do or try to do."

KARA: "Describe your website. What kinds of things does it offer? What is unique about it? What are some of the fun things you’ve discussed on your website?"

VANESSA: "My website, INeverGrewUp.net forces me to keep on top of being a very involved parent. I was a nanny for seven years and loved every single thing about it, I always tell people that I feel a bit bad that I can honestly play with Barbies or trucks or wood chips for hours with the kids. That maybe my mind is just too simple to be an adult! Then I had my two little girls one right after the other and love them more than anything. Although with different websites, projects, joint ventures, my husband's business taking off quite quickly it was exciting but an accidental career for me! So my blog INeverGrewUp.net sometimes FORCES me every single week to remember that I want to be a mother first. An interactive, loving, teaching, patient and supportive mother. So my blog really helps me keep myself in check. And I hope it provides other parents with this as well."

Join us tomorrow - Vanessa will answer the following questions...
Who is the most influential person in your life? and What is “Moms Are Making Money With Their Blogs” all about?


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