Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Incredible Woman #28 - HolleeAnn Vasquez. Tuesday's Questions.

KARA: "Your husband describes you as a “people collector”.What does he mean – what is a people collector?"

HOLLEEANN: "He is more of a “people collector” than I am. I guess he means I am a line talker. Yep, I am that person who thinks just because you made eye contact with me that you want to be my friend. Kinda like a puppy. LOL. I tend to meet some one once and decide fate has brought us together therefore we are now friends (I swear I am not as stalkerish as I sound here). One of my dearest closest friends is someone I met in line at the post office 10 yrs ago. True Story. I joke about the whole fate thing, but I do believe that certain people come into your life at times when either they need you or you need them...sometimes it's just a match! I try really hard to never take friendship for granted and to be as good as a friend as I can be."

KARA: "You have a cute blog – and it looks like you’ve been blogging for a long time. You have a ton of followers! What makes a successful blog? How do you decide what to write about?"

HOLLEEANN: "Thanks!! April designed it, she did a darling job with yours too. Mine was her FIRST blog design and we are actually in the beginning stages of a bloggy makeover. I can hardly wait!! I began blogging as a way to just keep in touch with my family and friends in far away places. Then it became a journal and where I documented our family adventures. This is also about as close to scrapbooking as this girl is gonna get.

I do have a lot of followers and I am so thankful for them. Their comments mean a lot to me and I love reading about their lives as well.

I am not sure what makes a blog successful. I know what I like to read when I visit other people's blogs. I like to laugh, read stories about family, about life's adventures and parenting strategies and advice. A lot of good stuff happens in the comment portion of people's blogs too. I think we as women can relate on so many levels, no matter how old our kids are or how many kids we have. It's nice to have a support system. It's nice to have somewhere to go when we need company or a pick me up or a sympathetic ear.

In 2008 I decided try and spread a little love via my blog so I hosted my first Favorite Things Swap. The idea of matching women from all over the USA to put together a package of their favorite things and ship across country to make someone's day sounded FABULOUS!! I loooove Good Mail and I wanted women all over America to get in on some goodness. I think this brought a lot of people my way and they have stuck around, bless their hearts."

I hope you'll check out HolleeAnn's blog, and become a follower - I know you'll love it. Just click on the blog "button" at the top of the right sidebar on our blog. OR click HERE. Tomorrow the interview continues when HolleeAnn talks about the importance of education, and what she's learned from her trials. See you tomorrow!


NatureGirl said...

I love what you are doing here Kara. We need to be building each other rather than the tearing down I see so many women doing to one another. It is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my little blog and leaving a comment...

Karen said...

I know what she means about being a people collector. I'm a people magnet. Especially crazy people.

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