Monday, March 1, 2010

Incredible Woman #28 - HolleeAnn Vasquez. Monday's Questions.

KARA: "Describe yourself.What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

HOLEEANN: "Well, this is a good question to begin with...I am a wife, a mom, a sister, daughter, an Auntie, granddaughter, friend..I am a child of God...I am more than I ever imagined I could be, yet I strive for even MORE. I am a crusader for all things right and good, a seeker of good company and an enjoyer (I make up words) of a good laugh, good times with people I love and opportunities to grow as a person. I love things that smell good, Cilantro Pineapple scented candles, fresh clean laundry, rain on a Spring day, new born babies....I love farmer's markets and the goodness that comes from hard work, oh and fresh cut flowers! I love decorating and creating beautiful comfortable spaces. I love entertaining friends and hosting dinner parties and game nights. I like to think of my home as the place people gather; whether it's a BBQ poolside or a house full of giggling girlies at one of my daughter's MANY slumber parties.

I am not at all sure what makes me an Incredible Woman, but I know I am grateful for each day. I count my blessings and know they are abundant so I must be doing something, somewhere that the Lord is pleased with, or at least He knows I am trying."

KARA: "Describe your family. What is your favorite thing about each one? If you had to describe each person with just one word, what would that word be?"

HOLLEEANN: "My family is fantastic. We are close knit and value our time together. We sit down together for dinner every night and play games most evenings. That is my favorite time of the day and I cherish the conversations and laughter we have shared during our family meals and game nights.

I have an amazing, supportive and loving husband. My favorite thing about Paul is his humor. The man makes me laugh. All. The. Time. But he is also very generous and thoughtful. He knows little things like a BIG delicious diet Pepsi, in a cup, from a fountain, over ice balls with a straw and a lid make me VERY happy!!! So a few times a week he delivers, with love.

Our daughter Jordan is compassionate, silly and sweet. J is 14 now and I STILL like her...I keep waiting for the “snarky teenager” to appear, but for the most part she is pretty easy going and enjoyable.

Describing them in one word is a challenge...let's see. I guess I would sum Jordan up as JOY. Paul is Happily-Ever-After. (Ok, so I hyphenated...whatev)"

I'm really excited about getting to know HolleeAnn this week! Just so you all know - her husband, Paul, is the one who nominated her for this feature. WOW! Remember to check back each day of this week - I'll post 2 questions/answers each day. See you all tomorrow.


Mamarazzi said...

what a THRILL to be interviewed by you to be featured on your blog.

thank you Kara!!

"Big Daddy" Vasquez said...

I wasn't privvy to the questions so I am super excited to read the rest of the interview.
HolleeAnn, I am super proud of you, you are very deserving of this recognition!

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