Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Incredible Woman #27 - DeNae Handy. Wednesday's Questions.

KARA: "Everyone has trials – unfortunately, it’s part of life. What have you learned from the trials you’ve had throughout your life?"

DeNae: "I hate to put this out there, in case my karma just hasn't noticed yet, but I don't feel like I've had many "trials". We've had some scares - my little sister had cancer twice, my dad died recently - but not much beyond that. One thing we have dealt with is major moves. My husband went from being an accountant for the LDS church to being an FBI agent, and our whole world was turned upside down. Moving a family of six across the country, and then out of it completely, was difficult.

Probably the thing I've learned in difficult times is that how well you get through them often depends on how open you were to less-difficult experiences in the past. I consider myself a person of deep faith, and the development of faith requires rounding a lot of blind corners, and taking a lot of steps into unknown territory.

Being willing to do this, being open to whatever those experiences have to teach you, helps lay the groundwork for future challenges. I think that this is one of the hardest things to remember as a parent."

KARA: I agree with DeNae about how we deal with less-difficult experiences. Right before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my family went through a financial difficulty. I'm not sure that I would have dealt with the cancer issue as well as I did, if I wouldn't have had "practice" right before."

KARA: "Do you enjoy reading? If so, who is your favorite writer, and why?"

DeNae: "I read two kinds of books: Super-heady treatises on the scriptures, and junk. I won't tell you about the scripture writers. My favorite fiction writers are P.D. James, Martha Grimes, and Terry Pratchett. I'm not even offended that in P.D. James' last book, the flaky, do-nothing character was reading a Pratchett novel. I love well-written stories, interesting puzzles, and flights of imagination."

KARA: "A girl after my own heart - I love to read... almost anything!

I'm looking for an Incredible Woman to feature for next week - I'm a little bit behind in trying to set the blog up for next week because of some surgery I just had. So, I'm asking you incredible readers for nominations - women you think might say yes to a feature with just a small amount of time to get ready. If you know anyone, please email me at kara(dot)incrediblewomen(at)gmail(dot)com. I anxiously await your nominations!!!!

Tomorrow, we'll talk with DeNae about her blog, and about the comments she gets from readers. Can't wait!"

3 comments: said...

Wow! DeNae,you and Kara both are some great advocates for strong women!
By the way, for some light reading that will have you laughing till you pee, try Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Hilarious! You'll love them!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

DeNae, I too feel like I've never had any MAJOR trials. I mean, I just found out my dad has cancer and my baby girl had to have a major cranio reconstructive surgery but other than that, I can't help but feel blessing all around me.
And I LOVE to read too! I'll read just about anything!

Hmmm... someone to nominate? How about Shawni at

AS Amber said...

DeNae, have you ever heard of the Twilight series? I think you'd really like it! You should check it out. I'm excited for tomorrow's post because your commenters are almost as entertaining as your posts. Almost.

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