Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Incredible Woman #27 - DeNae Handy. Tuesday's Questions.

KARA: "If you could take a class to learn something new right now, what class would it be?"

DeNae: "A rabbi in our area has offered to teach Hebrew to anyone who wants to learn. I am SO there!"

KARA: "What makes you happy? What makes you laugh?"

DeNae: "Believe it or not, solitude is the key to my happiness, perhaps because it's such a rare thing around here! A few hours alone every now and then transform me. Well, that and the medication. I laugh at smart, clean, pure cleverness! I have been blessed with friends who come by it naturally, and in truckloads."

Tomorrow we'll talk about what Denae has learned from her trials, and she'll tell us about her favorite authors!


AS Amber said...

Seriously, sister? Hebrew?? Why don't you just learn Korean while you're at it?!
I'm with you...as much as I love to be surrounded by people (and I do!), I cherish my alone time.

L.T. Elliot said...

That so AWESOME, DaNae! Hebrew! I'm totally coming to your house (which is spotless, btw.) And I like my solitude too. =]

HalfAsstic.com said...

I have alone time in spades... I'll share! Heh!
I am totally awed by the desire to learn Hebrew. Go for it! And here I am thinking, "Oh... I'd like to learn to do stained glass...." LA DEE DAW!

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