Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Incredible Woman #23 - Sarah @ Clover Lane. Wednesday's Questions

KARA: "What do you think it means to be successful in your life? Do you think you’ve had success?"

SARAH: "Success…I have to tell you I never think of it. It’s not a word I use often. Maybe that’s because by society’s standards, I have NOT achieved it. I think we would usually use that word to describe Hilary Clinton or Brittany Spears. When I read the Obit, I see some people who lived very full lives…the list of organizations their name was affiliated with is long. Accolades and awards are listed. And then I’ll skim down and see a sweet old lady named Gertrude and it’s a tiny paragraph. She left a loving husband of 70 years and 9 children and 40 grandchildren, and maybe there is nothing else to tell, but you better believe that this tiny little Gertie yielded more power and influence over the world by the standards and morals and common sense she nurtured in her life than anyone else on that page. I remember reading a beautifully written obituary…I wish so bad I had kept it…that told of this loving father…just a plumber maybe, a simple guy, whose children's memories of him were just so incredibly wonderful. You couldn’t read it without sobbing. (Nice way to start your morning.) Seriously…that is success to me."

KARA: "You are a talented photographer. Tell us a bit about that passion. What kinds of things do you like to photograph? I love the photos of kids on your blog. Give us some pointers on photographing children."

SARAH: "I don’t know about that talented part. I always consider a talent something that you have to work at hard. I hardly work at photography. I bought a good camera a year ago, took a little class, and then occasionally take some pictures. I really, really love images. I always have. Sometimes it’s a little competitive for me…if I see a blog with wonderful pictures, I think, “I can do that, too!” Something inside me just WANTS it. Just like blogging, I learn really slowly. I don’t have the time to immerse myself really, or jet off to expensive photography workshop weekends. I really only ever like to photograph people. Landscapes, sunsets, nature, buildings, SO boring to me. People…emotion, beauty, relationships…that’s what I love.

On photographing children…for my older kids I just boss them around, but show them how great they look in the pictures and that does it for them. A boost of confidence makes them relax and not feel pressured. With the little ones…you just have to be patient. You have to not force! That won’t work. Also the biggest secret is the angles….I LAY on the ground, contort my body in weird ways…you MUST look like a fool to get the good ones. You have to get down and dirty…literally.

The time of day makes a huge difference in how a picture looks. If you see an incredible picture...very dimensional with gorgeous light…it’s most certain it was taken in the morning or the evening. You want that sun on your SIDE, not on top of you or the subject."

I hope you're enjoying this interview as much as I am. I loved Sarah's answer about success. It's exactly how I feel - my children, my marriage - those are my most important accomplishments. I hope that my obit reads just like Gertrude's. (Although, Kara is not as cute of a name for an old lady as Gertrude!)

Tomorrow I'll ask Sarah about how she found her house (the story is on her blog - but don't go there until AFTER our interview tomorrow!), and also about what she thinks/hopes is in the future for her. Join us, won't you?


Karen said...

I loved that answer about success! It's so true! But if that's true, I'm not a success at all...Hmm...Better change that!

carolyne b said...

I love Sarah's idea of success.... i don't think as mothers we realise our successes until our death or when we are older, children grown up and grandchildren in the mix.
Success is the little accomplishments our children have, and they don't have to be stand out huge. Something as simple as an older child helping a younger child put on their shoes for church.

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