Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Incredible Woman #23 - Sarah @ Clover Lane. Tuesday's Questions

KARA: "What are the top 5 adventures you have had in your life?"

SARAH: "The farthest place I’ve been was Hawaii on my honeymoon. I wish I could say Ireland…I missed my brother’s wedding because I was due any day with my 4th child.

I chose my college because it was the only college with open admissions…I applied really late and had no where else to go. It was 2 hours from my hometown.

Once I was dragged to NYC when I was a nanny by a lady named Bunny and left in a hotel room (the Ritz of course!) with a 5 year old and had to order room service for every meal. Does that count?

In college, I visited my younger sister who went to George Washington University because she was so smart, and I packed 2 huge suitcases full of cute outfits for a short weekend, and had to drag them for miles through subways and across sidewalks and learned my lesson about packing lightly.

When I was in college, I had to work at a school…I picked an inner-city junior high. I loved it. The classroom scared the crap out me, yes, and I witnessed some really awful teachers, but it taught me SO much. I got to tutor one on one…I loved it. Kids are kids…it’s the adults that are always the problem.

That’s it for my adventures…not too fascinating, but maybe funny?"

KARA: "I love your blog. Tell us a little bit about blogging. What is your favorite blog post? How do you decide what to blog about? Do you enjoy comments on your posts?"

SARAH: "2 years ago I had no idea what a blog was. I was waiting in a pediatrician’s office and I was reading an article in one of those awful parenting magazines. One of the articles was smart and funny and down-to-earth. I loved it! It listed the author’s name and her blog. (Testosterhome). I wrote it down, (or maybe I secretly ripped out the page when the receptionist wasn’t looking?) and put it in my pocket. When I had a chance I read the blog and fell in love with the idea of recording your life. I thought, “I could do this!” Right at the top of Blogger, it’s says Create Blog. I hit the button and went through the steps. Keep in mind that MY MOTHER had taught me to email maybe just a year before that? Seriously…I was that computer illiterate. But I learned. It took me a long time…I discovered other blogs, and it was like this whole new secret underworld opened up. I love designing my blog, I love writing, I love putting up my photos. Yes, sometimes it feels a little like an obligation. But I have never ever been at a loss of what to write about. I could, honest to God, write all day long. I keep a little list of blog post ideas, just because I CAN’T write all day long.

My favorite blog post is titled “What Not To Regret”. I have gotten a lot of feedback on that post, about it changing some mom’s lives, the way they think about their importance to their little ones and their families.

Comments…comments are funny. I used to be so happy when I got one or two, and now that I get more I still do read every single one of them…maybe not right away, sometimes it takes me days, and I’m sure I miss some. I have made some great friends across the continent and I love that. I also have gotten some mean ones…I don’t write only to please everyone. I feel strongly that it is my blog and if you think I’m a jerk, why torture yourself with ME everyday? Blogging is really putting yourself out there…I realize that for sure. I try to be true to myself and hope that someone, anyone, can relate. I find myself getting braver because I think there are so many things that we THINK but are too afraid to say."

Join us tomorrow - Sarah will talk a little bit about success, and we'll learn about her photography!


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