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Incredible Woman #22 - Sarah Ogden. Monday's Questions

I'm really excited to feature Sarah Ogden this week. Sarah was nominated by one of our readers last year, and it's taken me awhile to contact her, but believe me, it was worth waiting for. I think you'll love her. Here are the first 2 questions in our interview.

KARA: "Sarah, please tell us about yourself (hobbies, talents, likes, dislikes, etc.) What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

SARAH: "When Kara called and told me that I was nominated by my friend, I laughed because I am not incredible... I am sure all of us have said that but really. I am just a regular girl that things in my life have not gone the way a "normal" life should be at my age. At my age I should be going out with friends,going to school,working or even going on a LDS mission...But that didn't turn out the way it should. I will explain later.

My name is Sarah Y Ogden. I am 24 and live in a small town in Utah. I have lived here 18 years and have loved every moment of it....I don't want to live anywhere else...Ok I guess I would take Arizona over Utah. but only from November till about March. My hobbies mostly include my photography and decorating the house for all the seasons.

1. My photography: I love it. I love taking pictures of anything and of anyone.
2. SHOPPING!!! How could any girl not like to shop. (especially when we have money)
3. I love being around "older" people - they are so great and make me laugh.
4. Making people happy or just being the one that they can talk too.

Going to Red Lobster and shoving my face with crab legs of coconut shrimp and also lobster.....oh did I mention the rolls there are Heaven?!
Shopping is another like :)
Spending time with friends and family.
Going to the movies.
Spending the night in a hotel for no reason at all - just for fun.
Going to the temple and feeling the love of our Savior.
Going to the gym.
Getting letters from my baby brother.
Going to the Aquarium.
Snowmobiling.( I just went for my first time a few weeks ago)
Seeing my Doctors at the U!!! Love them like no others.

Being sick.
Not having my best friend to talk to on the phone.
Cleaning my room.
Doing my hair.
Being Cold."

KARA: "Describe each member of your family."

SARAH: "I have a BIG family...I will go from oldest to youngest...

Randy and his wife Becah, who have one son Riley.
Randy works as a security guard in Salt Lake.
Becah works as a respiratory therapist for the IMC and all over at hospitals.
Riley just turned 2 years old and is very loving and funny as all get out. He also has heath problems - called SMA (spinal muscular apathy), which means his muscles didn't form right and the ones in his spine are not functioning. I know there is more to it but that is how I can explain it. But he is very close to the spirit and at times I think he understands that he is meant to be my brother and sister-in-law's son more than they do.I think he is closer to our Savior more than any one of us. I love him much.

Aimee and her husband Brandon.
Aimee is a stay at home mom and is also taking on full care of my Grandpa.
Brandon is a truck driver and so we do not see him a lot.
They have 3 crazy kids that I love. McKenzie is 10 years old and is almost taller than me :( It's not hard to do though. She is in school and likes to tease anyone that she can, she loves trying to be funny and, just like her Aunt Sarah. she has a big attitude. Kelton is 6 and just started school this year and so far likes it.
He is our vain nephew - he likes to look at himself in the mirror or in our big windows. He also comes with an attitude - it comes from his red hair, though. But is also loving and very dramatic.... we call him the amazing vegetable child because he loves his veggies. Kyle is the youngest out of the bunch and is 5 years old. He is our smarty pants boy. If you have any electronic problems he can usually fix them and if you need help downloading things on to your cell phone, he knows how to do it. He can't wait to start school next school year so he can be like the older kids.

Heather and her Husband Jordan.
Heather is also a stay at home mom. She takes care of 2 little ones and does a pretty good job at it. ;) The other part comes from me always helping out, but it's fun and I have a better relationship with her because of it. She hopes to go back to school this fall. Jordan works for a programing company (I think - lol) I know is he is a devoted husband and father and is a great provider. Their kids are: Garrett, who will be 2 in March. He is a goer and loves cars. He loves it when the grandpas takes him out to look at cars and trucks. For Christmas he got a remote control car and loves watching it. I think it was bought for the older people :). He is learning lots of words and is funny. Makayla, who is a little over 2 months old, and she is just growing and is getting to the fun age of learning that she can get her way.

Is just older then me and is living in Salt Lake and also works as a security guard
with my brother. And he needs to get married, so if anyone wants to hook him up that would be great!

Then there is my little brother, Robert.
He will be coming home from his LDS mission from Equador in 9 days!!!! We are all excited, but I think between my mom and I, we are the most excited.

Then there are my parents, Mark and Michele.
My mom works at Nature Sunshine in Spanish Fork Utah and my dad is looking for a job."

Please join us again tomorrow - I'll post 2 more questions/answers. It's going to be fun getting to know Sarah this week. Sarah if our youngest Incredible Woman so far - but, believe me when I say she's got things to teach all of us! Tomorrow we'll talk about what she does in a typical week, and about the trials she's been through (you are going to be amazed!). Take a peek at the fun slideshow with Sarah's pictures. It will be up and running by Monday afternoon. See you tomorrow!


Aimee K. Stanworth said...

LOL being Sarahs sister and mother of the 3 crazy kids; I know she is amazing even though at times it don't seem like it what she has gone through in her young life is something not very many have done but she is a fighter. WE love her very much!!!

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