Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Incredible Woman #16 - Laura Jarman. Tuesday's questions

KARA: "You are the owner of the most wonderful store – Dear Lizzie, located in Highland, Utah. Can you tell us a little bit about your store? Why the name, Dear Lizzie? How did you decide on this business?"

LAURA: "Dear Lizzie is the result of countless daydreams during my at-home mommy years and a multitude of hand-made enterprises. We opened the doors to Dear Lizzie one month after my youngest started first grade! Our iconic little-girl image is a picture of my mother, Elisabeth, at age 5. I think it perfectly represents the notion that it is fun being a girl!"

KARA: "When I walk through your store, I automatically feel more girly! How important is the décor and atmosphere of the store to your success?"

LAURA: "Dear Lizzie celebrates the notion that little things mean a lot. Our carefully selected inventory and our 'more is more' style and approach to design add to the layers of fun and indulgence that we hope our customers experience when they visit. I know I love being there!"

Visit again tomorrow - and learn more about Laura!


cherish said...

Laura... you have definitely created a beautiful environment. Dear Lizzies is absolutely one of my happy places. Thank you!

Nishant said...

beautiful environment.

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