Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Incredible Woman #15 - Kim Weitkamp. Tuesday's Questions

I met Kim Weitkamp this fall at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival here in Orem, Utah. She told a story to the group I was with (Cherish Bound consultants). It was a wonderful story and the song she sang touched my soul. I was mesmerized. I'm very excited to introduce you to Kim Weitkamp this week. I hope you'll take the change to visit her website and blog - see everything on the sidebar. You can find her CDs for sale on her website - they would be a great gift for the holidays! I own the "Freckles, Fibs, and Family" CD. SO. GOOD. I even read that Taylor Swift said: "Kim Weitkamp is awesome!" So cool, huh? So, here we go...

KARA: "Kim, please tell us about yourself – hobbies, talents, likes, dislikes, family, etc. What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

KIM: "This is a loaded question! I am going to answer the last question first. What makes me an incredible woman? Learning from my incredible mistakes, being incredibly grateful, and working incredibly hard.

My hobbies are: Collecting antique books, watercolor painting, writing new material and songs, playing with my grandkids. I like food – friends - family... all at the same time. I hate being stagnant, I am a major multi-tasker."

KARA: "You’re a great storyteller – can you tell our readers what “storytelling” is? How did you get involved in storytelling?"

KIM: "I am actually considered a humorist and a storyteller. There are so many misconceptions with storytelling. People think that storytelling is reading books to kids. Nope, not quite. Think Bill Cosby meets Dave Berry meets Garrison Keillor. Bill Cosby is more of a storyteller than he is a comedian. Everything that he does is in story form and involves memories that he has. There are lots of different types of storytelling: historical, folk tales, humorous, personal, healing, etc. It is an amazing world. I actually used storytelling for 15 years in my work with youth. About 4 years ago I decided to take my telling in a different direction and headed out the door to become a traveling teller. I love it. I travel full time all over the country making people smile and think."

Please come back tomorrow and we'll continue this wonderful interview!


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