Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 11 - Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Featuring Aimee and Sara...

Today, I'm going to be featuring Aimee Demille, who is my oncologist's medical assistant. She was the lucky one who got to weigh me, check my blood pressure (only on the right arm, please!), and my temperature, etc., before my doctor saw me each time. She is always smiling and makes an unpleasant situation much more pleasant! Thanks Aimee! I'm also going to be featuring Sara Williams, a breast cancer survivor, whose blog I read. Congratulations, Sara!


KARA: "Why did you choose to work with cancer patients?"
AIMEE: "Well I didn't exactly choose to work in this department, or should I say I didn't know I was going to be. I applied for the job and when I got an interview is when I found out, and I thought to myself sure I can do this... Boy was I in for a surprise. This job is not easy. I get attached very easily and it's very hard to watch and see what patients go through. At first I thought I can't do this - I can't handle it - it's too hard. But then I had a talk with my dad who is a very wise man, who gave me some good advice. He said, "Aimee just think - it could be worse, and look at it this way, you're helping the patients out by being there and smiling and asking them how everything is going." So from then on I told myself I am going to keep doing that and keep a smile on my face. And I do - everytime I see a patient, I smile, which I have never had a problem doing anyway!"

KARA: "Has there been a patient who has changed your life?"
AIMEE: "Yes there have been patients that have changed my life. In fact, I think every single one of my patients has changed my life for the better. They have the best attitudes, it just amazes me."

KARA:"What is the most important thing to know about breast cancer?"
AIMEE: "This month is Breast Cancer Awarness Month. I just urge all the women out there to do the self exams and get mammos when needed - such early detection is the best key in staying ahead of this."



: "What is the most important things that you've learn while going through breast cancer?"
SARA: "I have learnt to treasure and value the little things in life and to not focus on the bad. I have especially learnt to take each day for what it is and how it comes. I make time for the things I never had time for before because I didn't appreciate the value and frailty of life, things like playing and talking to my children, stopping a moment to appreciate the beauty of the landscape. I have learnt not to take anything for granted."

KARA: "How has is changed you as a person?"
SARA: "I have become stronger as a person because of cancer, I am able to endure so much more than I previously could. I don't worry over things so much, its easier to dismiss the things that really do not matter, so I no longer fret about storms in teacups!! I now know what it is like to suffer and I can appreciate the suffering of others. My faith has strengthened and I have a deeper understanding of the love of God."

: "Because it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, can you give the women who read this blog some advice about breast cancer?"
SARA: "Check yourself regularly and if you notice anything different, get it checked out immediately, you have to face cancer head on. Early detection for me meant that the cancer had not spread to my nodes, this means that I was able to have a lumpectomy, and only sample nodes removed. In turn this meant that I didn't have to endure the stronger chemo or more intensive radiotherapy. Ask lots of questions, do research and ask for the treatment you want. Let those who are treating you know of your fears and they will help you overcome them. If you have any side effects from treatment at all, let the professionals know and they can give you things to relieve them, do not suffer in silence. Finally, I would advise you to talk about it, cry about it, get angry .... get all of the frustrations out of your system so that you can move on and deal with cancer in a strong way."

I hope you've enjoyed the first day of going PINK! Are they just lovely ladies?! Tomorrow we'll feature a few more women, and hopefully, as the week goes on, there will be more and more each day. Enjoy your day.


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What amazing gals you have featured here today!

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Both amazing ladies! Thank you both for sharing!

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