Thursday, September 17, 2009

Incredible Woman #6 - Carol Rice. Thursday's questions

KARA: "You are a great public speaker. Can you offer tips to those of us who struggle with that? How can we feel comfortable getting up in front of people?"

CAROL: "That's sweet Kara, thank you. Early in my career I was given this advice, whenever you find yourself in the spotlight, in your imagination reach up and move that light so it shines on your audience instead of you. It always works to take away the nervousness and remember who I'm really there for - them! Know your material inside and out, and forget yourself."

KARA: "I’m thinking you’ve been married for about 24 years? What do you do to make sure you marriage is a success? Any marriage secrets that we can apply to our own relationships?"

CAROL: "I was challenged once to come up with 25 reasons why I wanted to do something. I was told that the first 10 reasons or so would probably come pretty easily - but getting to 25 would really take some soul searching. For years and years just a few reasons why I loved my husband or respect our marriage commitments to each other was enough. As life throws challenges at you though, you may find you need more than a few reasons - keep the list close by and read it a lot on those hard days."

Book - Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (one of my favorites, too!)
Song - One Step At A Time by Jordin Sparks
Quote - Sarah Breathnach said it, but these words have become mine:
"We become more adept at rising to the occasion each time we see ourselves doing it. Every time we cope well with whatever real life throws our way, it's another deposit of confidence, creativity, and courage in our self-esteem account... When you need to rise to the occasion, do it with style. Do it with a knowing smile. Confound them. Astound yourself. Make it look easy, and it will become so."

Tomorrow is our last day with Carol. She'll be talking about her perfect day, and her beauty secrets! Please visit us again.


Carin said...

I love the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis! I tell people that's one of my favorite books and they give me a blank stare!

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