Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thanks to LoriAnne...

I'm sure you'll agree with me that LoriAnne is another incredible woman! She is actually my best friend! We met years ago while our husbands were still in college. We had our first two babies at the same time - those kids are all friends. This week I've learned lots from LoriAnne. Hopefully you have, too.

Here's what I learned:
Just like me, she doesn't have as much time to devote to reading as she'd like to have, she enjoys her adult son as much as I enjoy mine, working outside of the home is something that is rewarding, rely on your calendar to keep yourself organized, make sure your kids like what they are doing - and maybe let them do just one or two things instead of everything, if you want to write - write something that you feel passionate about, friendships are essential for a woman's well being, use whatever makeup you feel comfortable with, learn to enjoy the way you look.

Thanks so much, Lori, for letting us into your very busy and full life. It's been a pleasure for our readers to get to know you.

If you have any questions for LoriAnne, please email me at kara.incrediblewomen (at) and I'll forward them to Lori. We'll be announcing the winner of Lori's homemade salsa and pear jam on Sunday!

Stay tuned for another Incredible Woman next week!


Brenda said...

I am enjoying these posts for the simple reason that, reading them, all woman are and can be incredible people. We all face challanges, we all have differnt perspectives and we all like to know how someone esle is 'doing it'!! When we face challenges, it is so nice to say "What would you do??" and get great answers. We are all at different stages in our lives. Some of us have not experianced thing yet that older woman have. It's nice to know, these teenage years will not last forever and someday, I will be friends with my daughters!!
But right now, they can drain me totally, and I didn't know I was doing anything 'wrong'!!! Thank-you for doing a blog about woman who face the same challenges and have different views than mine, so I can learn. I have been enjoying this peek into someone else's world. And no, I do not comment so I can win!! I comment because I want to share my thoughts with you!! Have a great weekend and I'll be here to read again next week!!

Sharleen said...

I enjoyed getting to know LoriAnne. I too never seem to have enough time to read. I'm enjoying the Incredible Woman blogs. It's inspiring to read about such neat women!

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