Friday, August 28, 2009

Incredible Woman #3 - LoriAnne Spear. Friday's questions

Kara: "Tell us about your beauty routine. What do you consistently do to keep looking young? Give us some advice and tips."

LoriAnne: "I don’t think I look younger than I am anymore. I used to, but oh well. I don’t really have a beauty routine. I wash, moisturize, and put on make-up, although I am a big fan of facials, just not paying for them. I’m not married to just one product line. I like some Mary Kay products, some Clinique, some L’Oreal, and some Maybelline and Cover Girl. One thing I have learned is to be more accepting of what I really have. For years, I’ve straightened and then recurled my hair on big Velcro rollers. But recently I’ve been more willing to just let my hair be itself – kinda curly. It’s not the beautiful spiral curl like my little sister has, that I wish I had. But it is what it is. And so instead of always blow drying, flat ironing, teasing up the crown, and spraying it in place, now I often just wash and let it do its thing, with a little help from product and my fingers. It does save me time. It’s not glamorous, or even that attractive, but it’s okay, and it’s mine. I inherited it from my dad, and he from my grandma, who got it from her dad. So I’ve just decided to embrace the curl, it’s part of who I am. Besides, my grandma warns me that I could be like her and wish I had the curl back when my hair goes gray. Learn to enjoy and make the most of what you have while you still have it."


Brenda said...

it's fun to look younger than you are, but it does catch up someday!! It was nice to get to meet you this week. Have a great weekend.

Carin said...

I have always looked younger than I am and its terrible when your 22 and being asked why you aren't at school, but when your 40 and 25 year olds are hitting on your then its great!

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