Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thank You Janie!

Thanks goes to Janie for sharing herself with us. Before I did this interview, here's what I knew about Janie: Her son, Brandon, died a few years ago. (My son, Grant, did a few Muscular Dystrophy walks with Brandon - one of the Squire's Squadron!) Her husband owns a few Big-O tires franchises. (My car has undergone surgery there.) She is the Relief Society President in my ward. (President of the women's organization in our church - a big job!) She had breast cancer a year before I did. (She was such a tremendous help to me as I fought the beast.) I've learned many more things about Janie throughout this week. Here are just a few things I've learned: Her husband doesn't like cheese and butter - just like mine! She walks ALOT! She's met many famous people. She served at the MTC (something I've always wanted to do!) She loves to read - just like me! Hey, we should be BFFs!

But seriously, I've learned some great lessons from Jamie. She is kind and funny. She never seems to forget what you are going through, and is always there to help. Amazing. Like you, I've been taught this week, too... Sacrifice! Invest your time and energy if you want to succeed! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel! Help and serve others! Take one day at a time throughout your trials! Don't judge others! Enjoy each day of your life! I could go on and on. Thank you so much, Janie, for being so open and talking about yourself. My life has been enriched by getting to know you.

If anyone wants to contact Janie to ask additional questions, or get advice, email me at kara.incrediblewomen(at) I'll be happy to forward any questions to her. If you'd like to review all of Janie's "favorites" and "advice" from the sidebar, just go to Archives and click on each label, and that will take you to those separate pages.

This blog will be changing today and tomorrow, and we'll be featuring a new Incredible Woman on Monday. If you want to suggest some of the women you know to be featured on Incredible Women, shoot me an email. Please leave email addresses or phone numbers so that I can get in touch with the women you suggest.

Until next week... Take care.


Carin said...

I have enjoyed enormously reading this the last week, I hope that you will keep it up with other women it is very inspiring.
I hope its okay that I am posting a link to this blog on mine.

Brenda said...

I love this blog. I want to learn about how 'real' people live with the challanges they face - not stars who just seem to grab the spot light for a wave!! Thank-You for sharing Janie with us, and please tell her we appriciate what she shared.
I am looking foward to meeting more of these wounderful people you will share with us. Thank-You for the chance to learn more about ourselves while we learn more about these woman.

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