Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Incredible Woman #48 - Serene Heiner. Love Story and Talents...

KARA: "Tell us your love story – where did you meet? How long was your courtship? What do you like to do together? What are your goals as a couple?"

SERENE: "Well, we met at BYU, of course. But in all honesty, I could not tell you the first time we met. I know, bad huh. I have to take my husband's word for it. He told me that for him, it was kind of like love at first sight. He said he saw me walking by and felt his heart flip. From then on, he was determined to get to know me.

But at the time, he thought I was dating someone, which I wasn't, and he was fresh off the mission and scared of the female race, so he never bothered to pursue me. It wasn't until almost a year later when we were both seriously dating other people, that he saw me with my boyfriend. I guess my husband had had a class with him and didn't think much of him. Apparently, that gave him the courage to pursue!

That fall, I was dumped, then Luke broke up with his girlfriend and soon we were spending lots of time together, becoming good friends. Winter semester, so January 2003, we started dating, May we got engage, and June we were married.

We are pretty low key. We enjoy watching movies together, working out in the garden and on the house together. We have goals to someday have a house that sits on several acres, have a killer food storage, go on a couples mission, and eventually travel the world together.

KARA: As I looked through your portfolio on your blog, I realized what an incredibly talented person you are! Where do you get inspiration for the things you create? Who do you share your creations with?"

SERENE: "Well, as a kid I was always drawing, coloring, painting, or crafting something. I would spend hours scouring through books and images, collecting pictures I liked and would try to re-draw them, or follow the instructions for some craft.

I still do the same thing for research and I am still hunting down tutorials for crafts that require little sewing. I don't sew. Like, at all.

Then, I had an art teacher who instilled in me a love for drawing portraits and capturing facial expressions. I started drawing pictures of my own children for fun. Now, I draw monthly primary portraits for an on-line company called, Latter-Day Village. I have had the opportunity to draw some magnificent images and drawing children is my favorite subject to work on.

I also do freelance work. Anyone can send me a photo or two, and I'll draw it up!

If you want to contact Serene for artwork, comment on this post and we'll forward your information to her. Or, go to Serene's Portfolio Blog (HERE) and contact her that way.

Tomorrow's questions include Serene's favorite word, and making books by hand. Can't wait!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

What a great couple! Love you two together for sure!

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