Friday, September 10, 2010

Artwork and Beauty Secrets...

KARA: "I love your art work! Share some of your portraits with us – which is your favorite? Tell us what projects you are currently working on. What is your advice for women who want to expand their creativity and maybe try something new?"

SERENE: "Well thank you! And I don't know if I have one particular favorite, but I'll show you a few of my favorites!

Well, as I mentioned before, I do monthly primary posters for Latter-day Village, and I'm looking for some new photos for next year if anyone has any they want to submit.

I'm also experimenting with adding Christ into some drawings in case people want it done in their portraits, we'll see how it goes.

As for any advise, I would say to look up your local city arts council or community centers. They usually offer beginning art classes and are loads of fun! More importantly, never say never! You never know if you'll be good at something, or love doing something till you try! So go try!"

KARA: "What are your beauty secrets? What keeps you healthy and happy?"

SERENE: "Beauty secrets? Oh dear, well... for me a hot shower everyday is a necessity, it totally makes my day. I never skip out on one, ever. I also put make-up on everyday, though usually it's just the very basics. It just helps me feel more on top of things and more secure in case someone unexpected stops by.

Even with four little kids it makes a world of difference if I exercise. I don't have a lot of time so short, intense intervals training is the key for me. Though I'll settle for a walk around the block with the kids.

Aside from the chocolate, my diet closely resembles the Eat 4 Your Blood Type plan. I would highly recommend you google it. When I stray, I notice a severe decrease in energy level. Not good with so many toddlers running around.

And most importantly, cute shoes. Take it from one who never owned any until about two years ago, shoes really do make a girl happy. :D

Thanks to Serene for a great interview. I hope you've enjoyed this week - I sure did! I love finding new bloggy friends, and I'll try to share one with you every once in a while. This interview will be up in it's entirety all day Saturday and Sunday. Then, we'll be under construction as I prepare to bring you another Incredible Woman next week. Have a GREAT weekend!


Polly Blevins said...

You do the blood type eating. My husband did a report on that a few years back and I looked into it just out of curiosity. Does the rh factor matter? It sounded kind of strange to me. You think it really works, interesting. You are a really great artist.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I had a couple friends back in college who first introduce the diet to me. She was having some health problems and her husband would get migraines so bad, he would end up on the couch for two to three days at a time.
Once they started following the eating plan, she started feeling so much better, and lost 20 pounds. Her husbands headaches subsided and no longer became a problem.
So, I decided to try it. I stuck with it and never caved. A few months after I had baby #3, I was weighing in at 127 pounds and feeling like a champ!
I honestly have no idea if the rh factor matters, I simply followed the eating recommondations and worked out every night.
Admittedly, the last couple months I have really strayed. My energy isn't super and I get cranky a lot. I've also gained about 8 pounds.
So, I''m trying to get back on track. Because I just feel so much better when I do!

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