Monday, May 24, 2010

Incredible Woman #40 - Amy Oakeson. Monday's Question.

This week I'll be interviewing Amy Oakeson - nominated by one of our readers. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Amy this last month or so. Amy owns a consignment business that sells children's clothing, toys, and equipment. The foundation the I'm part of - Four of Hearts Foundation - was chosen by Amy as the charity for her business, Just Between Friends. We were lucky enough to get all of the "left-overs", the items that weren't sold at the end of the sale. Amy has been so gracious, and seems to really want to help us make a better life for the kids in Guatemala. It amazes me how generous she has been. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did...

KARA: "Describe yourself. What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

AMY: "I’m a practical girl, not particularly “girly.” It doesn’t take anything big to make me happy. I’m happiest being outside running, riding 4-wheelers or snowboarding. I’m also happy as can be wandering the Home Depot for hours dreaming up projects! Finding an amazing bargain also makes my day! Of course, spending time with my family is my most favorite thing in the world. We really can do anything together and have a great time. It helps that my hubby shares my passion for a good deal and endlessly “browsing” the hardware store. My husband and I both have fairly large families. So family activities are a big part of our free time too.

I surely don’t see myself as an incredible woman … just a girl doing what any wife and mother would. If it needs to get done, I make it happen the best I can. My mom taught me something that was passed down to her: “There’s no men’s work and there’s no women’s work. There’s just work. And its gotta’ get done.”"

KARA: "Tell us about your family. What is one word that would describe each member? Tell us one thing you love about each one."

AMY: "My husband Aaron: GENEROUS! I love that he is so giving with his time, money and talents. He really loves people and would do anything for anybody. He gives me wings. He is the reason for just about everything I’ve been able to accomplish over the last 11 years. He is calm, encouraging and supportive of all my endeavors. I’m quite aware of the fact that I “married up.”

My 2 1/2 year old Hailey: Spirited. She is a little spitfire! I love that she knows what she wants and goes after it intensely. There is absolutely no stopping that kid. It’s a struggle as a parent, but it’s a quality that I’ll truly value in her as she gets older and goes out into the world."

If you are new to the blog, this is how it works - each day for a full week, I'll post 2 questions/answers from Amy. So, please check back each day this week and follow the interview. And speaking of following... I'd love it if you became a follower of the blog! And if you'd like to nominated an incredible woman in your life, just give me a buzz at kara.incrediblewomen(at)gmail(dot)com. See you tomorrow.


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