Friday, May 14, 2010

Incredible Woman #38 - Barbara Anderson. Friday's Question. (a day late!)

KARA: "You just started working on you family genealogy-- tell us about some of the interesting things you've found."

BARBARA: "I haven't gotten too far into it. Kara had done some of my mother's family but I found out my great-great-grandmother was never married and she had three sons. She was adopted and that is how she acquired her name. Her welfare was paid for by 3 brothers of the birth father. She managed to purchase the land of all 3 brothers at their demise, for her sons to have. She was very enterprising for a single mother in the 1850's. It is exciting to learn a few things about our grandparents generations back. I know that they were hard working, compassionate people who cared about their families and wanted the best for them. The women were made of sterner stuff than I am, for they all had 8 to 18 children. WOW!!! There is so much to learn and I'm only at the tip of the iceberg. Looking forward to learning more. Bruce's sister has found that our daughters are descended from 3 families on the Mayflower, and that one grandfather was on the boat with George Washington when he crossed the Delaware. It is so exciting to learn about your family tree."

KARA: "Tell us your beauty secrets! What makes you fell healthy and happy?"

BARBARA: "Ha! Ha! My mother taught me that beauty is as beauty does. Every day I try to wash my face day and night and use moisture cream. I still am getting wrinkles!!!! I hope my insides are better than the outside. I think you have to fill your life with as much good as possible. Others see us and judge us by our actions, not by how many wrinkles we have. I have never thought of myself as beautiful even though my husband says I am. I think he is prejudiced! I know that you have to be active and engaged in good things to be happy. I hope for my future I can be."

Just wanted to say thanks to my mom for answering the questions in the interview. I think she was hoping I'd just pass over her! But, she is definitely one of the most incredible women i know! I really love her TONS! I'm sure you can see why. This interview will stay up in it's entirety through Sunday afternoon. Join us next week for another incredible woman.

Have a great weekend!


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