Monday, April 19, 2010

Incredible Woman #35 - Barbara Solt. Monday's Questions

This week I'll be interviewing Barbara Solt - a woman nominated by one of our readers. Just a reminder for those of you who are new... I'll post 2 questions/answers each day through the entire week. We'll finish up the interview on Friday. Please take a few minutes each day to visit the blog, and learn a little bit more about Barbara. ENJOY!!!

KARA: "Tell us about yourself. What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

BARBARA: "To be honest, I have had such a hard time putting the answers for these questions together. I don't think there is anything about me that is outstanding, or incredible. I would rather be the one in the background, making things happen, but not being seen. You ask about my hobbies, hmmmm.....I love to read, to sew, to quilt, to garden, although to be honest, I enjoy the harvest more than the work. Family activities, picnics, family outings and vacations with all of the kids is one of my most favorite activities.

Tonight as I was scanning in my family pictures, I realized what makes my life so incredible... my family. I love being a mom and a grandma. Watching each one of my children grow and progress gives me the greatest joy. And the joy is twofold as I watch my daughter become a fabulous mommy. Playing monster with my grandson is so much fun! It makes my day when I pull up to my home after a long day at work, to see my daughter's car in my driveway. I know I am in for an afternoon full of playing, laughter, hugs and kisses from my very special grandson, Landon."

KARA: "Describe each member of your family, and tell us one important thing you’ve learned from each one of them."

BARBARA: "I grew up in a single parent home, my mom worked hard and my dad was totally out of the picture. I am a convert to the LDS Church. I would watch my friends' families and think "someday I'm going to have a home like theirs", and I do! I was so blessed to meet my wonderful husband, Dan, when I was very young, 17. I met him at a young adult dance and knew I had found my eternal mate. Dan is so comfortable in his own skin, he receives the greatest pleasure in life working and playing hard. I don't think I have ever heard him say a bad thing about another person. He loves unconditionally and expects that same kind of love given in return. He is a quiet person, who people mistake as being shy. He is patient, kind and the love of my life!

Leslie is our oldest, she is married to her high school sweetheart, Jason. They have a 3 1/2 year old little boy, Landon. Watching her grow up has been such joy. She is the mini mommy in our home - each of the kids will go to her when they need a shoulder to lean on and know she will love them and support them unconditionally. It wasn't until the last week of high school that she discovered that she was considered a nerd in school, graduating in the top 5% of her class - she had no idea she was any different than anyone else. Like her dad, she has always been comfortable with who she is. She's had some trials that have made her grow leaps and bounds, that have given her the ability to empathize with others. Her newest challenge is a little son who has autism. She has gone through the roller coaster of "why me" to "we can master this". She is one of my heroes in life.

Chelsea is the laughter and joy in our family. When she was 8 she sent a video tape to channel 4 telling them she wanted to be on TV. At 12, she and her best friend Stacy wanted to be spies - they covered my entire house with fingerprinting powder, sure they would find the clues to a great mystery. One year I was at girls camp and received a frantic phone call, Chelsea had decided to cut Stacy's hair, not good! They ended up in the salon getting someone who knew what they were doing fixing the mess. Ches has always leaped headfirst in any project she wanted to tackle. She loves people - genuinely caring and loving everyone who comes into her life.

Cameron, my missionary. He is serving in the Mexico Leon mission. Cam has always been able to worm his way around me. He has this great smile and these eyes that laugh when he talks, that melt my heart. All his life, he has used these assets as a tool to get what he wanted or to get out of trouble, and they worked! About 6 months in his mission he wrote a letter home telling us of the great love and joy he felt for the people he was serving. He has always been our obedient child, wanting to please and do what is right. We are all anxiously awaiting his return home - 4 months and counting!!!

Austin, my baby, who always swore we should have had more kids so he didn't have to be the last one left at home. He is a senior and SBO in high school. He gives the best hugs. I don't think there is any challenge he wouldn't take. And that scares me to death! He's extremely talented, and has many opportunities for his future; school, mission, family, life. He is a bright light in our home. Loving each one of his siblings, but especially his big brother Cam. Austin's greatest gift to me is his ability to love.

Being a wife and mom has been so great, I can't imagine who I would be without the work, challenges, laughter, tears and joys of this greatest gift of family."


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