Friday, April 16, 2010

Incredible Woman #34 - Michelle Chapeau. Friday's Questions

KARA: "What is your guilty pleasure? If you had one day to do whatever you wanted – what would you do?"

MICHELLE: "My guilty pleasure would be eating at the Olive Garden or Longhorn's with my little people. I am a sucker for both!

If I could have one day to do whatever I wanted, I don't really know. As long as I had my little people with me and lots of sleep was involved, that would be just fine with me."

KARA: "What are your beauty secrets? What do you do to take care of yourself? What makes you happy?"

MICHELLE: "A lot of people tell me that I don't look my age. I guess that is a good thing. I have friends that are much younger than me that look older. I almost never wear makeup. It has been a few years. I don't put a bunch of junk on my face. I will sweat it off in ten minutes at work anyway. I use liquid Dial soap on my face in the shower and that's about it. I don't lay out in the sun. I get bored too easily. I spend enough time out in the hot sun at work. I probably have the worst diet in the world. I drink way too much caffeine. I have a typical cop's crappy junk food diet. Some days I get so busy I forget to eat. I do always make sure my little people eat healthy and well and don't let them skip meals. I am just too hot or tired to eat usually. I can survive anything with Pepsi and Excedrin Migraine.

What makes me happy is having such an awesome little family with two little people, our dogs and cat. Seeing their smiles just lights up my whole world. I never knew just how much I was missing before I became their Mommy. Every first, second, new word or phrase, milestone or just a new day makes me so happy and reminds me that I was meant to be their Mommy."

Thanks goes to Michelle for her interview this week. I really enjoyed it. My sister, Kristin Johnson - one of our former Incredible Women - nominated Michelle. She met her through the whole adoption process for her daughter from Guatemala a few years ago. I'm really glad she nominated Michelle - it was fascinating getting to know her. What a great lady!

This interview will be up in it's entirety through Sunday afternoon. We'll be under construction Sunday night - a new "Incredible Woman" week begins Monday! If you know an Incredible Woman, please take a few minutes and nominated her. Send me an email at: kara.incrediblewomen(at)gmail(dot)com. Have a great weekend.


dave said...

Michelle, I am just in awe. You really are INCREDIBLE! I loved getting to know more about you through this week and consider you a good friend! I am very blessed to have people in my life like you through our adoption process. I think some of the best friends I have- though we are all over the country are those who shared this experience with us! Thanks for agreeing to do this! :)

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