Friday, March 26, 2010

Incredible Woman #31 - Ginger Johnson. Friday's Questions...

KARA: "Some of your hobbies include gardening and working outside. Do you plant vegetables or flowers – which is your favorite? Do you can the food you grow?"

GINGER: "I love playing in the dirt. I have both a flower and vegetable garden and love being outside when the weather is nice. The flowers are my favorite because of the variety in my garden. There is always something in bloom and most of my plants are perennials so every year I know I can count on something beautiful popping up out of the ground. I love fresh flowers in the house too and enjoy waking up early to cut a fresh bouquet. Our vegetable garden is a work in progress. Unfortunately, I'm not the farmer my parents raised me to be. They had a HUGE garden that extended the full width of their property and we planted a garden every year. Or should I clarify and say mom and dad planted the garden and the kids weeded it. I guess those are the perks of having 8 children - instant farmhands. :) I'm grateful for the lessons they taught me now - at the time I hated it - but it is good to know how to grow your own food. I think you eat healthier when you have a garden. I know my family does."

KARA: "There are so many other things I’d like to ask, but 10 questions is the limit! For your last question, can you tell us your beauty secrets? What do you do to stay healthy and happy? If you had one day to yourself to do anything what would you do?"

GINGER: "I remember a few years ago after chemo was over and my skin was still ashy. I looked into the mirror and cried. I looked soooooo old! Luckily as I healed my skin rejuvenated itself, but the wrinkles still remained. I started using Avon's ANEW products and WOW! Talk about a difference! Their product really works.

Another product that I LOVE is a natural deodorant balm found at My friend Kellie Bartz from Park City, makes it and I think it's better than what I was using before. The other thing I love about it is that it's all organic. There are no harmful chemicals in it. That's important to me because who knows why I got cancer in the first place!?! If you want to order from Kellie, visit her website and she'll give you 20% off your order if you mention HappyChemo!

The last product I'd recommend getting is the antibacterial foam from Pure Works Inc. I just found out about this company last week and wished that I had known about their products during chemo! During chemo I was always using hand sanitizer in an effort to keep myself from getting sick - but then my hands would dry out and crack and hurt. The PureWorks antibacterial foam is a hand sanitizer that doesn't have alcohol, works for up to 4 hours and doesn't have any cancer causing chemicals in it either! I've been telling everyone about this product because of how great it is. - mention HappyChemo! when ordering for 40% off your order!

Last, If I had one day to myself to do anything I wanted it would go something like this...

Sleep In
Eat a big brunch
Get a pedicure and a massage
Read all the magazines that I get, but never have time to read
Enjoy some time outside with my kids
Take my husband out to dinner and a movie
Go to bed early"

Ginger, thanks SO MUCH for the interview this week. I am constantly amazed at the women I meet through this blog. Ginger is one of those. Her example is incredible. It is not an easy thing to do anything on your "good days", during chemo. At least for me it wasn't. So, I really admire her ability to continue with life while being beat up by the beast. I believe anyone who does service - no matter what that service might be - will receive the blessings of heaven showered down on them. If I've learned one thing from almost every woman I've interviewed in the last 8 months, it's that SERVICE is the key to being happy. I hope all of you can find time to have service be part of your life. It will be happier and richer than you can imagine.

Ginger's entire interview will be here on the blog through Sunday afternoon. We'll then be getting ready to bring you another Incredible Woman.

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