Thursday, March 4, 2010

Incredible Woman #28 - HolleeAnn Vasquez. Thursday's Questions.

KARA: "As I looked through your blog, I found that you’ve been to Maui, and would love to go to Italy. Do you like to travel? What other places have you been to? If you could take your family anywhere, where would you go?"

HOLLEEANN: "I am not as well traveled as I would like. I have dreams of exploring distant places, yes Italy is one of them. I have been lucky enough to have traveled to Maui a few times. It is most definitely a favorite vacation destination of mine and I would love to go and spend more time there. Another favorite place of mine is Disneyland. OH the magical kingdom, my heart skips a beat just thinking about it. Some of my best memories as a child and as an adult live in Disneyland. I use to go to Disneyland a few times a year, but it has been 5 yrs since my last visit. I keep thinking Mickey Mouse is going to call and ask me where I have been and invite me to come and play with him for FREE! Hey, a girl can dream right? AND "a dream is a wish your heart makes"...riiiight?!

I think right now, like if I were to go somewhere tomorrow, I would choose to take my family on a cruise. OH, maybe a Disney Cruise! I just love the idea of an all inclusive vacation where I can lounge at the pool while a boat is taking me to the next port where adventure awaits! Sounds perfect!!"

KARA: "There is a tab on your blog called “Cooking with Jordan”, where you document cooking lessons with your daughter. I love this idea. Tell us a little bit about this, and maybe share Jordan’s favorite recipe with us."

HOLLEEANN: "A couple of years ago J came to me with a goal she had to learn things that would help her be a good mom someday. She decided that learning to cook is "most def something good moms know how to do". I knew that I wanted to document this time together and create a book that she could have forever filled with easy recipes and pictures from her childhood. It became a regular feature on our family blog but also soooo much more. I truly cherish this time together in the kitchen with her. I know someday she is going to be WAY too cool to hang out with me so I value these moments.

She has really mastered several recipes and when I got sick was even able to show her daddy a thing or two in the kitchen, which she thought was REALLY cool. You can find her recipes, with pictures and step by step instructions, HERE on our blog. Her favorite recipe is Mexican One Dish. A yummy dish created my by sister Meg."

Oh my, HolleeAnn, do I have a cool thing for you - if you still want to make a book for J... check out my business blog: That's what I do - help people put their memories and pictures into heirloom-quality books! Tomorrow is our last day with HolleeAnn ... I hope you'll return.


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