Monday, February 8, 2010

Incredible Woman #25 - Kendra Burton. Monday's Question

This week I'd like to introduce Kendra Burton. She was nominated by one of our readers, and it was a pleasure talking to her and getting to know her. She really is incredible! I hope you enjoy the interview. Remember, like always, I'll be posting two questions/answers per day for the whole week - so make sure you come back each day to learn a little more about Kendra.

I went to Kendra's website to find out a little bit about her. I don't want to duplicate what she will be saying during the week, so here is just a little bit that I picked up from the website:
"Kendra Parrish Burton is the eldest of 5 daughters and was born in Pocatello, Idaho to Kent J. and Donna Sue Parrish. She moved with her husband, David Gene Burton to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1981. They are the parents of Steve, Andrea, Linda, and twins Sarah and Rachel. The creative process has long been part of Kendra’s life, especially in art and music. When she and her sisters were teenagers they recorded a musical album including several songs they composed. Kendra and her sisters sang in Europe and also at the World’s Fair in Spokane. They received honors and awards on the Ted Mack Show and the Eugene Jelesnick Talent Showcase. Kendra received her education at both Brigham Young University and Idaho State University. She worked as an architectural draftsman for seven years at her father’s firm before branching out into the fine arts field.

I asked Kendra to describe herself, and here is her list...

Hobbies and interests:

- Photography
- Calligraphy
- Sewing, designing and altering clothing
- Public speaking
- Jewelry making
- Creating recipes
- Boating and rafting
- Motor cycling
- Snowmobiling
- Traveling
- Service


- Singing
- Oil Painting
- Composing Music
- Playing the Guitar
- Playing the Piano


- Architectural drafting
- Teaching art
- Teaching calligraphy
- Teaching guitar
- Commissioned oil paintings
- Exhibited and sold art in galleries and stores
- Television art show instructor
- Produced commercial art instruction videos
- Mural painting for private and public buildings

KARA: "Describe your family. What is one thing that each member of your family has taught you?"

KENDRA: "I had the most amazing parents in the world. My dad was an architect and my mom was the office manager and bookkeeper but more importantly, they prioritized their family first. There were four brothers in my dad's family who built houses next to each other at the end of Parrish Lane in Pocatello, Idaho. Our cousins were like our siblings. My widowed grandmother and her only daughter lived on the same street too. It doesn't get much better than that.

I was the eldest grandchild on both sides of the family and felt a responsibility to be a good example of the things we were taught. I appreciated strong Christian based values.

My husband, Dave fit right in. He has the most beautiful singing voice that can melt your heart. He's incredibly gifted in the computer technology field, using his talents to orchestrate musical compositions. His family is a treasure to him and he would do anything for our well being. In David I have seen an example of courage, faithfulness and true dedication.

Steve is our eldest child. From him I have learned not to judge others. In his work as a prosecuting attorney he tries to look at all angles of the situation and to extend care and concern at all times. He is very compassionate and also full of fun. I have been influenced by his drive for excellence. In high school Steve achieved Athlete of the Year, MVP for football and wrestling, two time state champion wrestler, and academic excellence. Yet he found time to hand feed his handicapped friend at lunch and carry him to the rest room and to help others.

Andrea, our eldest daughter has taught me to smile. She's a bit of a tom boy who loves the outdoors. Her fun loving personality was instrumental in being voted Homecoming Queen First Attendant and Varsity Cheerleader. I've learned unselfishness from her by seeing her as a peer tutor for handicapped students and by watching her care for her younger three sisters, particularly Rachel, our hydrocephalic twin daughter. Her expertise in teaching sign language has helped her three children as well as many others.

Linda has taught me to love the earth for the miracle of life. She loves gardening and cooking and is expecting her first child in about two weeks. She was chosen to be a cheerleader for the 2002 Olympics, but nearly passed up the opportunity because of her concerns about her chemistry class. Her dream of becoming a Registered Nurse was greatly motivated by seeing medical professionals helping our daughter, Rachel. Linda is now a surgical nurse and has educated me on more of the parts of the body than I ever thought I'd know.

Sarah has been an amazing example of resilience. She's bright and intelligent and is a born leader. As Student Body President of her Junior High she tried to be nice to everyone and I learned through her experience that there is only so much you can do. Sarah has tremendous courage and has overcome great challenges. She has musical gifts which include violin, guitar and voice. The high school principal said her solo rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was the best he'd ever heard in all his years. We are still learning many things from each other.

Rachel lived to be nine years old. She was Sarah's twin who was born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain). Rachel was never able to walk, talk or eat. She was fed by a tube in her stomach six times a day and wore diapers all of her life. Even though she couldn't speak, she had a spunky personality. She had a curiosity and sparkle about her. From Rachel we all learned unconditional love."

Thanks for stopping by - hope you'll join us tomorrow as we continue this interview.


Rae Ann said...

Kendra ~ You are the most increible woman I've ever known and I love you dearly! I am so happy that I will get to read about the you and your wonderful family this week. I admire all that you do and all that you are. You have a special gift of lifting and loving others. I often reflect back on the day we met and the giant of a spirit I saw in you that day in the Temple.
I miss you terribly! We MUST have a special day together very soon!
Rae Ann

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