Monday, February 1, 2010

Incredible Woman #24 - Kristie Harker. Monday's Questions

It's my pleasure this week, to introduce you to Kristie Harker - a good friend. Kristie is a very special lady. I hope you enjoy getting to know her. So, here we go...

KARA: "Describe yourself. What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

KRISTIE: "I drop my head, sigh, and close my eyes as I wonder again what Kara was thinking when she twisted my arm to do this. I consider myself to be a fortunate, rather than an incredible woman, and will proceed under that qualification to answer the questions she has put to me. I recognize that what works for me may not work for you, and that balancing life is a highly individual choice. So, I draw a deep breath, and start in!

Dislikes: disrespect, entitlement, foul language, off color jokes, pain, and fish—it stinks!

Likes: nice people, socializing, learning, chocolate/mint anything, a good back rub, and hot baths

Hobbies: tennis, reading, golf, collecting art. My kids insisted that I learn Sudoku when they got really concerned about my memory. I have to say that I‘m hooked and it’s helping!

Talents: teaching, writing, organizing groups or activities (not my drawers), and cooking, though I’m trying not to be so good at desserts anymore. Oddly, I enjoy public speaking, which I attribute to having been a Home Economics teacher for 9 years at the junior high school level."

KARA: "Describe your family. What is one lesson you’ve learned from each person in your family?"

KRISTIE: "Phil: The tiny-town boy from Colorado met the small-town Utah girl and married her in 1981. The computer genius, the 10-minutes-early-is-on-time man, orderly in every respect, scriptorian, golfer, my go-to man, and big BYU fan has been a great husband. I have learned from him that the best way to love is to see all that is good in your spouse and not focus on the other stuff. I love how he trusts me to have good judgment and doesn’t micromanage me. He is Executive Vice President of Technology at the software company, Allegiance in the Salt Lake City area.

Josh (27): Our living miracle. Survived being hit head-on by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel doing 50 miles an hour. Fourteen year old Josh wore no helmet that day on his bicycle. Statistically, only 5% live with the head injury he sustained, and those who do live only exist. This is one case where a hard head is good! But that is not the whole truth—guardian angels were on duty that day. Five plastic surgeries on his ear later, he is so handsome, and fully functional. He is my “Frog Prince”. I learned from my oldest that children come with their own distinct personalities which are more like rubber than clay to be molded and sculpted. And, they turn out beautiful in their own way and their own time. He currently lives with us and works at the same company with his dad as a customer consultant.

Brittany (26): The gorgeous faced labor and delivery nurse, and winner of the Spic ‘N Span title. A lot like her dad in many ways, Britt inherited her father’s penchant for order, which is a good quality for a nurse. She never shies away from work, and has the capacity to work at high speed for prolonged periods. I learned from her as a teenager the best way to handle daunting projects. One day she came home from high school and moaned about the magnitude of a new research project assigned in her English class which was due in two months. After complaining for 10 minutes, she said, “Well, I guess I’d better go upstairs and get started.” And she did. She married a “Phillip”, so now we have two in the family. He is the son of the roommate I had when I met my husband! A talented artist, Phillip’s favorite hobby is writing and illustrating an online graphic novel, “Heartless Dark.”

Cory (22): I dubbed this boy our “Teflon Child” because nothing sticks to him. He has a way of letting slights deflect rather than absorb. He was the best ever at slipping out of chores and avoiding the consequences because he was so easy going. Cory never gets involved in fighting or arguments, and everybody likes him. He just slides right through difficult situations without it sticking. How, I don’t know, but I wish I could learn it from him. I think that he just agrees with people, acknowledges their point of view, then does what he wants to do. Currently, Cory is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly known as the Mormons) in Florianopolis, Brazil, for two years. He is one good boy, and a total gentleman!

Lacey (21): The most like me in nature of our four children. However, she is far more attractive! My girls both have eyes to die for and are often mistaken for each other. Lacey is well named for her delicate features and girlyness. We share a love for tennis. A daddy’s girl, she has joined him in being an avid BYU fan since she was 2 1/2 and yelled “Go BYU” from her crib—a sort of “Get Out of Jail Free” card. She’s always known how to read her dad. Lacey enjoys being involved in a broad range of activities, and is currently managing a customer support group for Invisus, a local internet security company. Her husband, Mike, begins dental school in July in Indianapolis. He plans to become an orthodontist. Their first Christmas as newlyweds was one to remember—an African safari and camel riding in the desert, courtesy of Mike’s parents who live in Qatar! Lacey always has courage to stand for what is right and decent, and takes the high road in the way she interacts with people."

I hope you'll join us here at Incredible Women each day this week - I'll post 2 questions/answers from my interview with Kristie each day Monday-Friday. See you tomorrow.


M and B Jones said...

I agree! My friend Kristie is an incredible woman. Thanks for spotlighting her. It was fun to see this glimpse of her life.

Eileen said...

I have always admired Kristie and I LOVE her parents! I feel so blessed to be their neighbors and friends. Kristie is indeed incredible!!

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