Friday, January 29, 2010

Incredible Woman #23 - Sarah @ Clover Lane. Friday's Questions

KARA: "What is your favorite childhood memory?"

SARAH: "My favorite childhood memory is really so simple and little. I have no idea why it stayed with me even! I picture it ALL the time though. It’s early, early morning and I have the whole wonderful day ahead of me. I am out in front of my house on a little brick path. I grew up in a house in the middle of a gorgeous meadow, surrounded by thick woods. Babbling brook, birds tweeting, leaves rustling. I have my favorite dress on…a lavender, flowered jumper with little white buttons on top. And I just feel this incredible JOY to start my day. Bursting from my chest. But also this feeling of utter peace. Peace and joy at the same time so strongly that I have remembered it forever!"

KARA: "Who played the most influential role in your childhood?"

SARAH: "Of course, my parents. My parents just raised us so simply and with such good values. They never ever got caught up in silly stuff. We had few toys, and played outside everyday…and we (I have 4 siblings) are all creative. We all love to read like crazy people. My mom had my dad build a reading nook for us when were little. She would take us to the library and we would get stacks and stacks of books…the limit every time!

I never heard my mom raise her voice. I remember ONE argument between them. It was over a bounced check. We were eating hot dogs. That’s how shocking it was to me…I remember the details. (I asked my mom about it a couple years ago and she remembers it too!)

I never ever remember my mom and dad complaining about anything ever. My mom cooked every meal, kept our home spotless and organized, we grew up on the tightest budget, my dad once worked 3 jobs…never, ever one complaint. They are both SO smart. Education was at the top of their list of importance."

KARA: "Will you tell us your beauty secrets? How do you stay healthy and happy? What is your guilty pleasure? What would you do if you had one day all to yourself?"

SARAH: "Beauty secrets? You’ve come to the wrong place, sweetheart! I wash my face before bed maybe once a month. I use moisturizer in the morning only because my face is so tight after showering that I can’t even smile. I buy all my makeup at the grocery store, and then hardly ever wear it. I DO highlight my hair once every 4-6 weeks, only because I have the worst possible hair anyone could ever have.

I HAVE found that these two very secretive things that no one talks about make me look better. Ready?

Exercise and eating healthy.

Crap, I know. I hardly ever do either so that’s why my skin is sallow and my body is flubby. But when I do both consistently, I like the way I look.

My guilty pleasure…a GIANT sized Hershey’s Symphony bar and a People magazine.

One day all to myself? I’d kick everyone out of the house and I’d stay home and scrub and purge from top to bottom like a crazy woman with the music blaring. Tons of black garbage bags (the purging part) and a pair of yellow dishwasher gloves (the cleaning part). I’m not kidding. Nothing makes me happier than a clean, uncluttered house."

I loved, loved, loved this interview. I hope you were able to enjoy the whole week - if you missed a day, go ahead and find Sarah's name on the "Previous Incredible Women" list, and read all about her. I'll leave the whole interview up throughout today and tomorrow. My sincere thanks to Sarah for allowing me to feature her this week. I enjoyed getting to know her so much. Her interview really got me thinking about different areas of my life, and what I can do to improve them."


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