Thursday, January 14, 2010

Incredible Woman #21 - Wendy Neville. Thursday's Questions

KARA: "What are your top ten favorite things?"

WENDY: "My top ten favorite things?

1- My husband

2- My Children

3- My Testimony and knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ

4- The Book of Mormon

5- The ability to go into a deep sleep and they next thing you know it is morning. ( I say this because I can't ever get a good nights sleep and when I do, I love it!)

6- New born babies

7- Baby puppies and the puppy smell

8- A hug from a child and they say, "I love you"

9- Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad

10- Peace of mind- to know that I'm safe and my family is safe"

KARA: "Tell us about the relationships in your life – (For example: What makes your marriage work? What do you do to be a good mother-in-law? How important to you is friendship?)"

WENDY: "What makes my marriage work? Well, we are going on 25 years now and I will say that we have had our ups and downs - mostly ups! But like any marriage it takes work, work, and work! Lots of communication and forgiveness. My husband and I have always tried to date on a weekly basis, it's nice to just get away for a few hours together. I have found when we don't get along it is because we are being selfish and not putting the other ones needs and concerns before our own. When we were first married we went to see one of my friends get married and the man that was marrying them gave them this advice and we have used it all through out our marriage.
He told this couple to always remember to use these words in their marriage and that is "I love you", "I'm sorry" and "Please forgive me". So, I've learned to say I'm sorry even when I think I'm right just to keep peace, and ask for forgiveness, and admit when your wrong.

About being a good mother-in- law?
Well, when my daughter first got married they lived right around the corner from us and I did not want my new son to think I was a nosy mother in law and so I tried really hard to stay out of their business. They have come to us with advice and we give it and then let it go, we don't want push our opinion too much. It is their life to live and they need to learn and grow as a couple and learn from their mistakes with out parents butting in or saving the day. If we always step in to save our children from wrong choices or mistakes how will they learn? I love them no matter what and then let them grow into who they are to become.

Friendships are important to me, but over the years I have been very guarded because I have been burned too many times by people who say they are my friends and they really are not. I feel safe being with my only true friend and that is my husband. I guess we all need to work on being the good friend and then we will have many acts of kindness and friendships in return. Maybe I haven't been a good friend? Hmmm?"


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