Monday, December 21, 2009

Incredible Woman #19 - Georgina Anderson - Monday

It's my pleasure this week to pay tribute to my paternal grandmother, Georgina Anderson. I'll follow the same outline as I did last week with my maternal grandmother. Today, I'd like to tell you about her childhood.

Georgina was born in 1919, one of two daughters. I haven't heard much about her childhood, and I wish I would have taken the opportunity when she was alive to learn more. I do know that she was happy as a child. We have lots of pictures of her during this time. Let me tell you what I remember about some of the pictures. Her mother used to make her clothes - what looks like costumes. If you take the opportunity to look at the slideshow, you'll see a little red riding hood-type costume. What that looks like Peter Pan almost. She change clothes with her cousin (maybe?) - Morris. So, there is a funny little picture of her in boys clothes. My favorite picture is of her in a new little dress with matching panties. If I remember right, her momma was taking her picture and said, "Gina, show us your matching panties!" - which she did. The picture is adorable...

I believe she used to visit a family farm in Wyoming. She was able to ride a horse. I do remember that my great-grandfather - her dad - lost an arm, below the elbow in a harvesting machine...

When she was 6 or 7 (I think), her mother died. Then, two years later, her daddy died as well. She and her sister, Joan, were orphans. They were taken in by two different aunts. I can't imagine how hard that must have been - losing her parents, and then being separated from her sister. I think that they lived close by each other, though, so they still grew up together. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get together with my aunt and uncles, so that I could learn more about her as a child.

My grandmother was always a compassionate woman, and I believe this quality started in her youth - going through the trial of losing your parents would really help you to understand how to empathize with others who are just as unfortunate.

I know she missed her parents a lot. She mentioned them many times to me. I wish I would have listened better. I'm sure some of my cousins, or my sister, probably listened better than me.

She lived with Aunt Janet - and came to love her like a mother. My grandma didn't make it all the way through school. I'm not sure what grade she made it to - something like the 10th, maybe. That is something that surprises me about both of my grandmothers - neither one completed school. But both were intelligent, beautiful women.

I don't have many stories about when Grandma met Grandpa. I know he served an LDS mission to England, and they met afterward. One funny story I remember, and that my dad reminded me of, is that they spent the first night of their honeymoon in his parents' home - with them! Wow. I can just imagine how annoyed my grandmother must have been. Haha! Here is a picture of them the morning after...

Tomorrow I'll talk about her as a mother. I have some great stories. Hope you'll come back and visit.


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