Sunday, December 6, 2009

Incredible Woman #17 - Dallas Harris. Monday's Questions

I'm very happy to introduce Dallas Harris - our next Incredible Woman. She was nominated by a few of our readers, and I'm really excited, because I've wanted to get to know Dallas better and this is a great way. I hope you'll enjoy this week's interview. Remember that I'll be posting 2 new questions/answers each day, so come back often. I'd also love to know what you think about our new blog design, so comment on one of the posts, or email me at, and let me know.

KARA: "Dallas, tell us about yourself. What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

DALLAS: "I love being active; whether I'm wakesurfing, ATV'ing, playing competitive softball, racing cars, or jeeping, I love the connection I have with nature, my body and mind, and my inner competitive side and look for ways to express that. I love adventure! Doing these things has gotten harder as I've gotten older. My mind says I need to get to that grounder coming my way, but my body doesn't move as fast as I'd like! Because of that, I've had to focus on what I can do, not what I can't, and be grateful that as a 46 year old, I can still participate and find the joy I do in these activities. It is a chosen focus, otherwise I'd be disappointed frequently!

I have a strong creative side that shows itself in my decorating and design work, home-made greeting cards, event planning and family celebrations. I am sentimental and love traditions and the way it ties hearts together in my family activities. I have notebooks filled with the notes and letters that my parents have given me since I was a young child. I call them my love letters.

I'm known for my ability to work hard and to play hard. My family counts on me to plan fun parties, field trips and vacations. I love the variety of people and cultures that this world has to offer, and think the process of "experience" is a treasure. I really want it all!

I am involved in my church and community, and feel a strong sense of civic responsibility.

My dis-likes are very random! Dirty carpets, brussels sprouts, allergies, and when the American Idol season ends each May."

KARA: "Tell us about your family. If you had to describe each of your children with one word, what would that word be?"

DALLAS: "Making memories with my family is always at the top of my list, even if those memories are the routine of each day. Most of our lives are spent in that place of "every day", but it is easy to lose the opportunity of living and experiencing the miracle of it when we wish it away on the next big event, trip or age in life. I loved what Ghandi said. "Wherever you are, be there!" That has been hard at times for me, especially when my heart has been hurting with loss or disappointment. But I've found that if I can find my way back to that thought--even if it takes time--I enjoy and find joy in the journey. For me, that is what it's all about.

When I think of family, I feel that I have it all! I have an amazing extended family on both sides where I find humor, safety, unconditional love and understanding. My sweet family is many things; children and step children; able bodied and disabled; adoption; a late husband; a new husband and partner.

McKenzie, 18-humorous
Blake, 17-noble
Alyxanne, 15-dancer
Dalton, 15-charming
Andrew, 14-sensitive
Carter, 11-mischievous
Peyton, 8-angel


Shari Knudsen said...

Kara, I am glad you took my suggestion along with others to get to know Dallas. Dallas is an incredible women and a great friend. The thing I love about Dallas is how she is able to give unconditional love to others. She has always made everyone she meets feel important. The service she gives to her family is incredible. She was one of my best friends in High School. I am still in Awe with her loving personality. The way she cared for her first husband Art who was paralyzed and now how loving she is to Rich and how she loves and cares for his three handicapped children. She is absolutely incredible. Thanks

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