Friday, December 4, 2009

Incredible Woman #16 - Laura Jarman. Friday's questions

KARA: "What are your short-term and long-term goals? How will you go about achieving those goals?"

LAURA: "My goal this year was to try to have dinner every night at the table! Sounds silly perhaps, but my youngest in particular couldn't remember a time that this was part of our 'normal' routine. Wow that was an eye-opener! Even if it's scrambled eggs and toast, we set the table and bless the food so we know that dinner is official!"

KARA: "Will you share your beauty secrets with us? What is your guilty pleasure? What would your perfect day be like?"

LAURA: "Well I wish I could say that a good night's sleep was my secret, but since that is few and far between, I do love a good Sunday morning sleep-in... it feels downright indulgent! And I love a pedicure and painted toenails. I consider it true maintenance for my weary retail feet!

My perfect day would certainly include some talk-time with my 2 silly sisters... my favorite is to party-line us onto a single call like in the old-time phone days (that's so much funner to say than a conference call!) Those amazing sisters make my world go around!"


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